URGENT: Solidarity with Noelia Cotelo

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A brief summary for those who are not up to date with her situation: Noelia Cotelo is a comrade who is participating in the campaign against torture and maltreatment in prison (PRISON=TORTURE) in the extermination center of Brieva. A few months ago (October 23, 2012) her prison guards broken one of her hands and gave her a brutal beating when she refused to cut off the telephone conversation she was having with her mother. The same night (when they had her shackled to her bed) she woke up and a guard named Jesús was touching her chest and torso. She started to scream and the next day she denounced his aggression. Since then the prison guards of the Brieva slaughterhouse have not ceased to make her life impossible, torturing her and abusing her without end: they broke one of her hands, they stole her warm clothing in a prison where there isn’t even heating, they denied her visitations, and finally even face-to-face visits with her mother, they have administered her sedatives in her food (obvious this cannot be demonstrated “officially” since it is unthinkable that any responsible organism would go and analyze the food of a prisoner even though there is a report), the threats and beatings that they give her are constant, etc. Faced with this situation Noelia decided to put herself on Hunger Strike on January 8th with a series of demands.

For all these reasons, solidarity is fundamental to raise the comrade’s moral dignity and so that it is made clear with deeds to the bastard guards that Noelia is not alone! No Aggression Without Response!

Noelia Cotelo Riveiro,
Tortured (again) in the Brieva Prison (Avila)

On February 5, 2013 her life is in serious danger. At 5:30 pm Monday, she called her mother to inform her that they have had her handcuffed from 10 am until 4 pm. At that time, the doctor of Brieva told the guards that she should be at rest and in bed, because Noelia had a glucose level of 30 mg/dl, which could cause her to go into a hypoglycemic coma.

Noelia was handcuffed for the beating that she received from the guards the previous day. From this beating now her whole body is covered with bruises. Also, since last week they have denied her visits from her mother and friends, denied her sanitary assistance, as well as the right to “education.”


Rally at the IIPP (Madrid)

February 7 at 11 am.

C/ Alcalá, 38-40; 28014 (Madrid)


March to the Brieva Prison (Avila)

February 10 at 12 pm in the town.


Sending of Faxes in Solidarity

February 7th, 8th and 9th

To: Prison Institutions (SGIP) (913354052) and the Public Defender (913081158)

Fax Model: document attached


These are the latest updates, but since October 23 the guards have sexually abused her while she was sleeping, drugged her and shackled her to her bed. They have broken her wrist and beaten her on multiple occasions. They have blackmailed and threatened her with taking away her visits. They have stolen clothes, blankets, sweaters and other warm clothing, when the Brieva Prison does not have heating. They have made her wash with cold water. They have denied her visits to try to isolate her, also reducing the number of face-to-face visits. They have left her drugged with a high dose of pharmaceuticals. They have refused her outdoor time (when normally she goes out half in the morning and half in the afternoon, completely alone). They have denied her all medical assistance…

They are covering all this up, falsifying medical information, isolating her…

She carries 5 years of Isolation Regimen, 5 years resisting sensory deprivation, classified by the United Nations as White Torture.

Enough Dispersion, Enough Torture, Enough Lies, Enough Isolation.
We want Noelia free, with her friends and family, we want to hold her close and care for her.

Noelia has been on Hunger Strike since January 8th, although after the recent news about her death, it will be her end. Her claims are:

– Lift the Suspension of Communication
– URGENT Transfer from Brieva Prison, Avila
– Returning to her land, Galicia.
– That there not be male guards in the women’s prisons and modules.
– End to the Torture, Maltreatment and Abuse in Prison.

With all this we want to say that Noelia is not the only one in the Brieva Prison, on December 28 the guards hit and dragged a prisoner by the hair, when the rest of her comrades jumped to defend her, they set off the Riot Alarm. Presently, all have been dispersed through different prisons and modules.

Brieva Prison is not the only one, and these events happen daily in the prisons of the entire State [and all States].

The State is covering up and the society is justifying and legitimizing it. We do not consent that this reality keep being ignored and falsified.

This Sunday, February 10, there will be a March to the Brieva Prison (Avila).

Also there has been called a sending of Faxes to Prison Institutions and the Public Defender, on February 7th 8th and 9th (the fax model and number above).

Enough of Torture, Enough of Aggressions, Enough of Silence. Enough of Prisons. Urgent Solidarity with Noelia, she is ready to fight to the end.

Solidarity with our comrades in struggle!


More information in Spanish and Galician:


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