Sixth* communique of the CCF/FAI of Mexico

Please note the date–this communique is almost 6 months old.
from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

August 21, 2012

To to arsonists and antagonists in affinity,

Sixth* communique of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico:

The arsonists in continual war against all authority have returned!
All our solidarity with the anarchic individualist warrior Mario López!
For the destruction of the system of domination!
For Total Liberation!

Today the trial hearings against the compañero Mario López “Tripa” began, for the accusations of damages to property and attack on the public peace. Firm in our principles and convinced that solidarity is much more than words, the CCF/FAI of Mexico have started fire against domination, destroying their piggish commodities and attacking the symbols of Power.

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M) have again given life to the fire of liberation. In an action coordinated between the cells of Nuevo León and the cells of Puebla, the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire simultaneously attacked in the town of Apodaca, Nuevo León and in the historical center of the city of Puebla, Puebla: torching the Plásticos Viga business of the Río Pesqueria neighborhood of Apodaca, Nuevo León and the Museum of the Mexican Revolution in the historic center of Puebla in the state of Puebla, one day before the celebration of the “Firefighter’s Day.”

With this attack we act in solidarity with the compañero Mario López (imprisoned by the government of Mexico City), demanding his immediate liberation. Likewise, we act in solidarity with the eco-anarchist warrior Braulio Durán, imprisoned in the city of León, Guanajuato, with our Italian compas imprisoned in Operation Osadia, with the compas imprisoned in Bolivia, with the imprisoned compañerxs in $hile, with the compas of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire imprisoned in Greece, with our brothers and sisters imprisoned in Argentina and Indonesia and with all our compañerxs imprisoned by the system of domination in the world.

A few days from our first anniversary, this new informal coordination of the anarchist struggle has struck once again at the system of domination in solidarity with our comrades in war imprisoned around the world, showing that the struggle against Power is possible. Therefore we make a call to all anarchists of praxis to leave behind the immobilist fear and reformist positions of the servile scroungers. We invite you to accompany us in the decisive struggle against domination.

Once again we make clear that our struggle is not for the transformation of capital and the State, it is not to change their laws, it is not for better pay, it is not to transform technology, it is not to change domination, we do not fight against the imposition of one president or another, WE FIGHT FOR CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION, WE FIGHT AGAINST POWER AND DOMINATION, BE THEY FROM THE RIGHT OR THE LEFT, POPULIST OR REVOLUTIONARY. WE FIGHT FOR ANARCHY.

Greetings to the compañerxs of the Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution (CARI-PGG), to the compañerxs of Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS), to the compas of Anonymous Anarchist Action, to the Mariano Sanchez Añon Insurrectional Cell, to the friends in the Earth Liberation Front, to the Luddites Against the Domestication of Wild Nature, and to all the anarchist action groups and all the anarchist and anarcho-nihilist individuals!

To spread the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, you only need to have the desire to fight for total liberation, gasoline and candles. **

The fight against the existent order has begun, let us make it spread everywhere.

We are all accomplices of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire!
Long live the anarchist affinity groups!
Long live the anarchism of praxis!
Long live the fire of liberation and the gunpowder of vengeance!
Strength, compañero Mario!
Strength, compañera Felicity!
Strength, compañero Braulio!
Strength, compañero Gabriel!
For the demolition of the prisons!
For Total Liberation!
For international anarchist coordination!
Long live Chaos!
Long live Anarchy!

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire /
Informal Anarchist Federation (CCF-FAI)
Mexico, August 21, 2012.

Translator’s notes:
* The original communique in Spanish says 5th, but a prior communique from the CCF-FAI-M was also numbered as the 5th (see below), so we “translate” this as 6th to avoid confusion.
** The cerillos the original may have meant matches, or candles such as birthday candles which are often used as time-delays for arsons. For the prettiness of words, matches would have been a better translation. But if one is going to spread the fire of liberation with gasoline, candles are an advisable way to light it, while direct application of matches is not.

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