Chile: Explosive attack against the Las Vizcachas police station in Santiago

from liberaciontotal, translated by wos

from the press

At 12:30 am on Saturday 9/2, a strong bang shook the Las Vizcachas police station. This was caused by the detonation of an explosive device, which was placed next to the the wall of the precinct which adjoins an irrigation ditch lined with vegetation.

The filthy pigs mounted a large scale operation in the surrounding precincts after the attack. An agent stationed at the precinct suffered auditory trauma and minor contusions and was transported by helicopter to the hospital. It is worth mentioning that the bomb was detonated next to the bastard agents’ sleeping quarters and a section of wall was destroyed as a result. The device was armed with black powder inside a fire extinguisher.

A youth was detained and accused of participating in the attack on the station

After the attack a citizen contacted the squad to inform them that a vehicle had run a red light in another part of the sector, and turned in the registration of the car, only because they wanted to report “suspicious activity.”

This is how, magically, the police generated a link to the attack, looked up the address on the registration, found the car was not stolen and was from the Puente Alto community (also in the south of Santiago). The OS9 (criminal organization unit) of the carabineros staked out the house and waited for the car to arrive, and arrested the driver at 2:30 am.

The arrested was Victor Montoya, 22 years old, who was taken before the Security court of Puente Alto, where after three days he was formally charged with the attack on the police station. The application of the anti-terrorist law is still being evaluated, he is still being held there as of 2/12/13.

The youth’s house was raided by police and has been submitted to tests for explosives, the results of which the specialists have said nothing yet. The police have said the accused has not cooperated with the investigation. The car belongs to the youth’s father, he had borrowed it to go out.

As of now we don’t have any more information, we have to await what happens with the formalization of charges, as the press has joined with the police in relating the arrest with the double attack against the Puente Alto Tribunal in June, 2012, under the stupid idea that the “the powders look the same…”, perhaps the prosecutor will pursue a similar strategy as the one used against Hans Niemeyer.

We need to pay attention to how this particular case develops, we will continue providing information to the most possible extent.

Videos form the press here and here.

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