Paris, France: ATMs Sabotaged in Solidarity with Prisoners

from Brèves du désordre, transl waronsociety:

During the night of Sunday, February 11th, lonely, I strolled the streets of Paris. After applying a few shots of super glue to the supermarket on the corner, being a spirit in pain, I began searching for joy. Fifteen or so ATMs on Belleville Street found themselves unable to operate due to the glue in their card slots.

Because even all alone, with an umbrella and a little glue, one can act.
Because the targets are everywhere and to remain passive digusts me.
Because of the imprisoned Rohanne, Marco, Mike, Ibrahim and hundreds of other rebels kept behind bars.
Because money is one of the nodes of the problem.
Sabotage this world!

Glue-sans-associés mais-plus-si-affinités

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