Mexico: A brief note from Individualists Tending toward the Wild

we receive and translate, communique:

By means of this short message, ITS claims responsibility for the envelope with incendiary contents which detonated on a curious worker of a business linked with the Mexican Postal Service (Sepomex) on the afternoon of February 21 of this year.

The authorities have declared that the parcel was addressed to a woman named Lilia Botello, which is a lie.

As one can see in the photograph from the press, the label that carried the address was burned when the dynamite was activated. This only left the supposed return address, which carried the name of Lilia Botello Ramos, with a residence in the San André Tetepilco neighborhood of the Iztapalapa sector of the Mexican capital.

ITS usually chooses some name and address at random to fill in the return address. Obviously we are not going to put our names in!

For the time being we are not publicizing the name of the real intended recipient, we will keep it secret in order to hinder the police investigations.

We are aware that these kinds of “accidents” may happen to reoccur, but this is only one of the consequences that the war against the Techno-industrial System brings.

As we have said in our seventh communique: (a) If Technology does not stop, neither will ITS!

Individualists Tending toward the Wild

(a) You can read ITS’ last communique on the anarchist portal War on Society.

Note from the press:

On the Bomb that Exploded on a Curious Man in Mexico City

Mexico City — A man was wounded when he set off an explosive device that was removed from a mailbox near a car service shop at Tlalpan and Periférico.

The sub-prosecutor of Prior Inquiries, Óscar Montes de Oca, reported that the homemade and electro-mechanically-activated device was found inside of a 22 x 18 cm paper envelope with plastic bubble wrap.

In a press conference, the state official detailed that the events occurred at around 1:15 PM at the corner of Calzada de Tlalpan and Huipulco street in the Toriello Guerra neighborhood in the Tlalpan sector.

In the investigation statement they said that José Luis García Luna, 41 years, was cleaning a Mexican Postal Service (Sepomex) mailbox when he took the envelope and opened it inside of his Nissan vehicle, it went off, causing wounds to his face, legs and hands.

A few hours after the attack, the authorities announced that the case would be handled by the General Prosecutor of Justice (PGR) to deal with those responsible.

This just days following the report of the finding of a package with explosive contents within the Institute of Biotechnology of UNAM in Morelos.



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    el original en castellano donde está …?

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