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After reading the latest text published by the group Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS) (on the portal, we want to make the following analysis. Firstly in order to go a little deeper about this group’s action, and secondly to continue with the work of spreading ideas against the development of the technoindustrial system. The logic of what this group stated in their seventh communique in point VI is influential: “in order to plot an effective struggle against the Techno-industrial System, these kinds of texts have to be made public, as well as analysis and (self) criticism that lead to reflection, rejection and confrontation,” we find these lines important, and this is why we make this kind of analysis public.

Phases of the group:

It is obvious that the group in question has up to now seen immersed in two different phases. The first we can see in their first, second, third, fourth and fifth communique, because in those texts ITS present themselves with a posture related to anarcho-primitivism, as part of the solidarity given among anarchists around the world and present themselves (for us) exaggeratedly when they talk about leftists, technologists and members of the techo-industrial society. In the second phase, of the sixth and seventh communiques, they have presented differences. Their ideas no longer incline them as before toward insurrectionalist anarcho-primitivism, rather they have gone on a path they have plotted themselves. Now they do not claim solidarity with anybody (since as they say they do not see it as strategic), and they cease to make exaggerated references to the specific groups mentioned above. Doubtless, the second phase of the group is for us the more certain one since it demonstrates maturation of ideas, evolution in theory and a significant advance in the critiques against the technoindustrial system.


The chart below is the chronology of the group’s actions; as one can see their results have varied. At first, paranoia and climate of fear reigned in various institutions and universities that have been targets of attacks, the researchers never before felt so vulnerable as now. Although they established more rigorous security measures in these institutions, the attacks kept their course, making a joke of the security and inflicting injuries. An example of this was the incendiary package that wounded the researcher and spouse of the nanotechnologist Marcela Villanueva at the Hidalgo UPP. Or the package that arrived in the hands of the scientist Sergio A. Águila in February 2013 at the IBT, when this institution had previously had a dark incident in 2011: the assassination of Méndez Salinas, on of the leading biotechnologists in Mexico. An action claimed by the group ITS. This makes clear that the security measures employed have not been effective, and we believe that they never will be, since there will always be a possibility of being able to hit hard. Four wounded, one dead, thousands of students evacuated, paranoia of researchers and others, are the proof of this.

Since the first attack by this group was made known, until now, the repercussions have reached international proportions. Their communiques have been translated into different languages, books have been published about the group in foreign countries, other groups of action have implemented more sophisticated attacks against technology, the scientific gazettes have expressed in their texts the worry they experience, in thinking that in the future the groups that defend wild nature will reach a high level of radicalization and things will come to harm their research as well as their very lives.

In fact the materials used in the attacks have also changed, chronologically ITS started by leaving explosive packages in universities and institutions, drastically changed to using firearms (for the assassination of Méndez Salinas) and until now have only continued sending incendiary packages through ordinary mail and sending bullets (like the case of the package sent to the Institute of Physics at UNAM), apparently their strategy zig-zags, or else this is what ITS wants it to look like, or this is part of it. Perhaps we will not know until a determined time.

The geographical expansion that the group has had is also clear, starting in places in the State of Mexico, expanding to parts of Mexico City, Guanajuanto, Hidalgo and Morelos. Placing in their sights experts in robotics, nanotechnologists, biotechnologists, physicists, genetic engineers, heads of institutions, and leftists (these last ITS has crossed off their black list, according to their 6th communique in point V), keeping with the politically incorrect scheme, since ITS’ targets are indiscriminate with regard to foreigners, men, women, since the attack is against the techno-industrial system and not against a determined social group (or gender).

One of the things that calls attention is the reason why ITS only just now claimed the assassination of Dr. Mendez in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Maybe they did not feel that it was the moment to make themselves responsible for the action? Did they want to make it understood that even though they implemented security cordons in these kinds of places, there was always the possibility of attacking again? This is how we see it. Since the claiming of this action translates as “even though you brag about your ‘super security,’ the attacks continue.” Authority will say the same as always, it will say that ITS is not responsible for the assassination of one of the greatest scientists dedicated to biotechnology, it will say that the responsible persons are already in prison and that they are car thieves, they will say they have their evidence, but in Mexico, we already know what their “evidence” is. The explosion in the Pemex tower (for example) in January 2013, which left 20 dead and hundreds wounded, shows what “evidence” the government and the media are going to make known. Lies upon lies.

Consequences or Speculations

The groups carrying out actions against civilization as well as groups of analysis are still limited. Although the former have had more growth since the publication of the group’s communiques; whether they are called anti-industrial, anti-civilization, anarchist, etc, they have grown. And we don’t doubt that at this very moment attacks against scientists and their laboratories are being gestated and prepared, not only in Mexico but in other parts of the world. Maybe the short list of actions presented below have to do with the discourse against the technoindustrial system, or maybe we are speculating.

* November 2, 2012: A device (of a low level of sophistication) explodes in the law school of the Central University of Venezuela; two students are wounded.

* December 5, 2012: A powerful device explodes in the Technical University of Machala in Ecuador. Classrooms, administrative offices and a computer laboratory are seriously damaged, without any persons being wounded. The police stated that they would treat it as an act provoked to affect the university.

* January 2, 2013: A woman is seriously wounded upon opening a box of sweet bread that contained an explosive device, in Argentina. The box was abandoned on the roof of a Honda automobile belonging to a family member of the victim; the police did not give specific facts about the family’s occupation.

* January 11, 2013: A package is abandoned at the door of a house in Brownsville, Texas. The head of the family took it to his house, opened it, and it exploded, leaving three people severely wounded. The police reported that it was a bomb made of four galvanized pipes filled with explosive material. In this case the occupation of the affected family was also not made known.

As we mentioned, these actions may be the consequence of a radical analysis and critique in favor of wild nature, or they may be isolated acts totally foreign to that discourse. Just as one can relate these actions, likewise one can relate the bomb threat in the chemistry faculty of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UALN) in Monterrey, one day after the finding of the package bomb in the Institute of Biotechnology in Morelos. What is clear is that there are no signs that the attacks against technology by ITS are stopping, and this is what is driving other groups and individuals to take action.


This was a short analysis with respect to the action of the group ITS; once again we mention that the publication of these texts marks the guideline for the beginning of an effective struggle against the techno-industrial system, therefore we encourage all interested persons to spread them.

Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

February 19, 2013

“Obsidian Point” Circle of Analysis

Note: the image below is a “chronology” (in Spanish) to have a better understanding of the text.

Thank you.


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