Note by Liberación Total on the arrest and imprisonment of Victor Montoya

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

In light of the communique from the Friends of Gunpowder claiming responsibility for the bombing inside the cops’ sleeping quarters, it is clear that the police are again making use of the strategy of accusing the youth with a determined profile (in this case, vegan, reading publications about the bombs case and having been arrested at demonstrations) that matches with compañerxs like Mauri, Tortuga and so many others who have gone through prison, who the thought police (political police) inherently link to sabotages and attacks.

As we said, it is clear that Victor only matches the profile that is in Power’s interest, but even so our solidarity persists.

We received an email request to take down the text titled “Observando a la Distancia. Sobre el bombazo al reten de Las Vizcachas y la detención de Victor” because it would not help to really act in solidarity with him. The only way we would see our solidarity or the publication of anonymous texts sent to our email limited would be by the initiative of Victor himself. We have not linked Victor to the attack, the police and those two parapolice citizens did that, what we did was write a note to the solidarity text “Observando a la Distancia” and now we write our own reflection.

We make a call to active solidarity with Victor, for his non-collaboration
and because we don’t want cages.

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