Spain: Claim for bank bombing and for package bombs to a Bishop and to a Legion of Christ School director

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, Note from LT: The image came attached to the communique that we received by mail. Press links at the end. Communique:

We don’t need a lot of rhetoric to explain our reasons for attacking a bank branch.

Everyone can come up with their own.

On December 20th, 2012, with the complicity of the nighttime.

A coffee pot with black powder and screws.*

Three disposable gas canisters connected with adhesive tape.


At a different time the same day we decided to use our imagination and send a couple of explosive dildos to the Bishop of Pamplona (censured by the press) and the Director of an elite School of the Legion of Christ. This last caused minor injuries to a postal official who was handling it. Accept our apologies for the trouble.

Next time we will not fail.

We are getting closer.

Artisans Club for Putting Coffee to New (and sometimes spectacular) Uses – FAI/FRI.

Anti-Clerical Group for the Promotion of the Use of Sex Toys – FAI/FRI.

* An Italian-style pressurized coffee pot. See the diagram:

– mecha = a fuse
– cerillas = matches
– mecha rápida de petardo = a quick fuse from a firecracker
– tuercas e tornillos = screws and bolts [as shrapnel]
– polvora negra = black powder (gunpowder)

From the press (Spanish links):
A letter-bomb addressed to a priest explodes in a postal office.
A bomb addressed to a priest of the Legion explodes in a post office.
A package addressed to a Legion of Christ member explodes in Madrid.

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