Chile: Letter from Fenix Lafken, a months-old child in clandestinity for wanting to live a free and wild life

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Note from LT: Fenix is a child who was kidnapped by the police from his dad and mom’s hands. The reason? Refusing to have the baby enrolled in the registry and traditional medicine, which annihilates and weakens the human being, making one dependent on medicine and drugs. His mother and father decided not to give him vaccines and not submit him to this system’s normalization and quantification. Today Fenix, in complicity with the ones who brought him to life, is far from the jaws and control of civilization.

From this site in affinity with wild life, uncivilized care of the body, and in daily war with domination, we want to send a warm greeting of spirit to that brave pack that recovered their young one and refuses to be intimidated.

Letter from Fenix

I was born at nine at night on a Sunday during the moon’s waxing in Punta Parra, in a little house at the sea that my mom and dad had rebuilt four months earlier and which they decided would be the place of my welcoming. That day arrived and there were friends awaiting me and everything went as hoped. Intense, but happy.

That night I slept together with my dad and mom in the most absolute tranquility, but that peace did not last long. The next night my mom’s parents came along with two agents and a bunch of cops to bring us by force to the hospital because my grandfather, who was a mariner, gave the order to the cops ranked below him…. They kidnapped me by order of a judge and they had me four days in that cold place full of sick people. The order said that I should remain there until I was enrolled in the civil registry, compelling me to be part of the shit that is the Chilean state. I became a number for them. But this wasn’t enough for them. The persecution continued with the aim of compelling me to be introduced to thimerosal, ethylmercury, aluminum and a mountain of other unnecessary shit toxic to my body called a “National Immunization Plan,” or state vaccines, obligatory for poor people, but with mercury-free alternatives in the yuppie clinics.

This persecution against me intensified, my mom and dad were in court for about 8 months to defend our position, with solid arguments, unlike the prosecutor who demonstrated total ignorance on the topic, only appealing to the fulfillment of and subjugation to the established. Not caring about this and faithful to his fascist morality, the judge made the ruling: I would be vaccinated with the use of public force if we refused.

We went to our house, and two days later the PDI came on orders to bring me and to raid the house if we weren’t there, and so they violently broke into our house and the house of our neighbors who had nothing to do with the affair. As for us we had gone to a nearby and quiet place, confident that they would not find us, but something unexpected happened: my mom received a call from a distant cousin saying that she had arrived the other day in Conce and that they would meet at the station… my mom and I went to receive her dear cousin but when we got to the station there wasn’t any cousin, instead the PDI waiting with a photo of us. Between five dirty pigs they separated me from my mother, kidnapping me and bringing me to a prison called “Lullaby” Children’s Home, where they fed me filler, gave me chemicals and didn’t let me see my mom and dad.

I cried for a week and a half, hoping to leave there. They had told my parents that we would be able to be together after the trial. A total lie. The judge ruled that I must stay for three more weeks until a new hearing where they would decide if I would return to my dad and mom or to my grandparents, who had colluded with the police and the court. I stayed several more days during which the same shitty routine continued, and I also became sick, logically through contact with the other sick children in the “home,” also from the psychological stress of being removed from my parents.

Then I could not wait any longer and on February 14 in the middle of the day and right under their noses I was freed and I escaped in search of the only alternative that would allow me to be free: clandestinity. But certain that this does not end here. They will keep looking for me, there will be many battles, there are many children who will escape from their prisons or be freed.

And for my part I was born free and nothing will stop me from continuing to be.

Fenix Lafken, 6 months old.

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