Chile: Letter from Roxana Marin, pregnant comrade accused of making bombs

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

A letter from Roxana Marin, imprisoned since March 28 after the raids in Temuco in which the police accused her of “possession and placement of explosive material.” We protest that this is another clumsy frame-up to imprison those who abhor their disgusting normality.

From C.P.F. Temuco, Thursday April 11th, 2013:

Thanks to all the persons who have been present in one way or another. Thanks for the support, for the signs of affection in these times when they have taken away from us the only thing we have–our freedom.They have managed to make my child Leon and myself submit physically inside of these four walls, but not mentally or emotionally before this absurd and ridiculous frame-up created by the prosecution, the police, the press and the state.

Our strength, courage, and conviction are intact to resist everything that comes to me, my son Leon and my compañero.

This being that is inside of me is growing stronger than ever, receiving the energy of all the people who have come to visit me, without concern for the affinity we may have or for whether they might be followed when they leave the prison or linked with me. I have nothing to hide, I have felt inside here that these places are made for those of us who do not accept anything that they want to impose on us, on our children, that they are the ones who we have to protect from the threatening clutches of the State-Prison.

For the moment there are not words sufficient to express what we are feeling in this disgusting place, but don’t worry, for they will never cause us to falter in any fucking way.

Intimate greetings to those who have been made participants in my condition as a prisoner at this time when it defines those who are or are not with you.

Roxana Marin Laurie
Anti-authoritarian Prisoner locked up since March 28, 2013
C.P.F (Women’s Penitentiary Center) Temuko-Prison

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