Chile: Hans Niemeyer arrested by the investigative police

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

The compas from Refractario just posted updated news with more details than we published earlier. That text follows:

At 9 am on April 26, the investigative police arrested Hans Niemeyer, a compañero who was a fugitive for 4 months when he decided to break out of house arrest where he was accused under the anti-terrorist law for the supposed placement and fabrication of explosive devices.

Apparently, according to what Hans expressed to the defense lawyers and what the police themselves referenced, there weren’t any confrontations nor the usual police beatings of the arrested. Has was arrested in an apartment in Villa Portales, in Central Station.

The police intelligence(?) still haven’t said or commented on how they uncovered his location after several months in clandestinity.

Hans was transferred from the police intelligence stations to the justice center where they did the arrest control at 2 pm. The head of the southern prosecution, Raul Guzman, said “This is not a victory specifically for the prosecution, but rather for the Chilean institutionality, where a person must face his rights as much as his duties, and in Niemeyer’s case, his duty was to present himself before justice.”

The prosecution sought to bog down his legal process, asking for June 24 for the date, while the defense expected that it would happen on May 6 (the date set prior to his clandestinity). In the end the court set the date for June 17.

It is still not known in what Prison and wing the State will decided to lock Hans up until his trial under the anti-terrorist law.

From here we salute his dignified position before this new human hunt and we send him a strong revolutionary salute full of energy and spirit for the whole legal-theatrical process to come.

End the Anti-Terrorist Law!

(…soon we expect to update and complement more information

* * *

developing news:

The compañero Hans Niemeyer, who has been sought by the Chilean police for the last four months, was arrested.

This morning the compa was arrested in a residence in Belloto in the Central Station neighborhood of the city of Santiago. Today at 2 pm, Hans underwent arrest control in the (in)justice center. At the time of his arrest the compa was alone and the arrest was made inside an apartment. For now the events are not known with clarity but there are crossing versions between the prosecution and the defense lawyer.

We will keep updating and receiving information throughout the day.

Greetings and strength for the compañero.

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