Chile: Legal update on the 28M prisoners in Temuco

from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

Indomitable greetings across the distance, wild greetings to everyone for having participated in the situation of the girls imprisoned here in Temuko-Prison.

Along with greetings and gratitude for the solidarity demonstrated all over, we want to give some updated information about the judicial process that is now coming against the 3 girls accused of “possession for the fabrication and placement of explosive material.”

– The girls’ defense (2 private and one assigned by the state) have not been able to do anything up to now about reviewing the file, because the prosecution is delaying handing it over to the defense so they would be able to review the evidence, statements, blood samples and expert reports carried out up to now by DIPOLCAR and OS-9.

– We understand that this situation is a trick used by the State to be able to postpone a possible appeal of the preventive imprisonment of the girls which we remember is 5 months. We have already seen this situation in other frame-ups such as the still remembered “bombs case” or the compas of the “security case,” who up to now have not admitted any part in the charges for which they want to accuse them.

For the time being this is the information we want to report, we expect it will be spread on the different counter-information media, we trust in them as a tool of diffusion and attack.

Fraternal greetings across the distance.

Unconditional freedom for Roxana, Yaritza and Ariadna!!!

We are everywhere, howling for Freedom!!!

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