Chile: Trial preparation against Carla and Ivan; they are given nightly house arrest

carla-e-ivanfrom materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

From April 10 to 11, 2013, they carried out the preparation of the oral trial against the compañeros Carla and Ivan, accused under the anti-terrorist law for the attempted placement of an explosive device.

Under the accusation they intend to use 25 witnesses, 17 experts, 12 photographic sets, 30 pieces of material evidence, letters, etc.

The press emphasized the sentimental letters between Carla and Juan, as well as the extremely dangerousness and irrefutable proof of the text written by Juan: “When Defense is the Field of Battle.” [Spanish]

The prosecution intends to include the miserable declarations of Vicente Tureo Arrita, Carla’s ex-partner who decided to testify against her because of vengeful personal spite.

The compañeros’ defense lawyer also presented his evidence, exhibits and witnesses, in the course of this the lawyer Francisco Alvarado said, “we got an expert’s report of the bomb or of what could be considered a bomb, which by now we estimate it is doubtful that it was. We got an expert’s report of the seized device and we are going to accompany this expert’s report.”

During the second and final hearing of the Preparation of the oral trial, the court decided to rule to modify their total house arrest to nightly house arrest.

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