Chile: Trial preparation postponed again for the Security Case

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The 24th of April 2013 was the date set for the preparation of the oral trial against Marcelo, Juan and Freddy, accused of various robberies and the death of a police officer. Remember that the last hearing for the trial preparation was completely nullified because it did not comply with the standards of the prosecution and their accusatory desires.

Finally on April 24th the compañeros Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste and Freddy Fuentevilla were brought to the 7th Guarantee Court, where the “trial preparation” was postponed once again, since there were some pending appeals concerning the nullification of the last trial preparation.

The clumsy prosecutor Ricardo Peña tried to explain to the press that “not a single right” of the accused was infringed upon, even when they have spent 3 years in preventive prison without any sentence. Finally the Court set the new start of the preparation of the oral trial in this endless process for August 1st.

Family members, friends and compañeros attended the hearing in solidarity and were quickly repressed by the police posted in the (in)justice center, being arrested and brought to the police stations for the serious and unpardonable crime of… Solidarity.

Video of the repression outside of the (in)Justice Center:

Compañeros from Argentina expressed their support in days of propaganda and rallying outside the consulate of Chile.

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Solidarity with the prisoners at war / Against authority / While there is misery there will be rebellion / Freddy Marcelo and Juan to the street!!!

As well as a counter-cultural fair in Neuquen

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On April 25, 2013, the Supreme Court declared the appeal presented by the defense, which sought to validate the previous trial preparation, to be inadmissible. This means that the previous trial preparation remains null and the next date is August 1st.

More news of the Security Case here.

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