Chile: 28M prisoner updates – Adriadna punished for insulting the magistrate; Yaritza kept in preventive prison in Temuco

1. Adriadna punished for insulting the magistrate

from libertad28m, translated by waronsociety:

On April 27th the imprisoned compañera Adriadna Torres is being punished for “insulting” the magistrate and remaining standing in her anti-authoritarian position.

At this time she is prohibited visitors and receiving commissary for 7 days from the date of the event and according to the prison guards she “is not in the isolation cell.”

This is nothing but another proof of the harassment that the compañera and the other prisoners are receiving, since in addition to this event, the warden of the Temuko CPF has been retaining since Thursday April 25th a public communique sent out by her and by the compañera Yaritza Grandon, in which they talk about their situation as political prisoners; this communique is being retained for the reason of having “anti-prison contents” according to what was stated before the magistrate.

We denounce these events and we show our total solidarity with the imprisoned compañeras.



Support Group for the 28M Prisoners, Temuco

* * *

2. Yaritza Kept in Preventive Prison

from libertad28m, translated by waronsociety:

Yesterday, April 26, in the Guaranty Court of Temuco, the hearing for the review of cautionary measures for Yaritza Grandon was carried out. She is one of the three prisoners who are locked up in the Temuco prison investigated for infraction of the arms and explosives control law, after the raids and arrests of March 28.

The judge, Luz Mónica Arancibia, ruled to maintain preventive prison for Yaritza, while the defense of the lawyer Sebastián Saavedra of the Southern Investigation and Defense Center (CIDSUR) assured that they will appeal this decision, reminding that Yaritza has a disability in her upper extremities which affects her fine motor skills, which is why she has been assisted in the Teletón, which would impede her carrying out the actions that the public minister accuses her of.

The prosecutor from the Public Ministry, Omar Mérida, refuted this, asserting that the youth’s daily performance does not seem affected by the aforementioned disability.

Likewise, he added that there is a notebook where the youth had written the communique which claimed the placement of the explosive devices which were found at the entrance to the Prison Guards Regional Office and in the station of the Carabineros Special Forces. [These two actions actually seem to have been claimed in two different communiques, not one, although a single group did claim both actions. See here and here. -TN]

We make a call to remain attentive and in solidarity with the situation that the kids are experiencing in the Temuco prison, that one of them is pregnant, so there is another person who is imprisoned, and not to forget that there are two persons on nightly house arrest also awaiting the investigation process, all framed within the police frame-up carried out on March 28 of this year.

Immediate Freedom to the March 28 Prisoners!
Roxana, Yaritza and Ariadna to the Street!!!!
Against Prison and Its Guards!!!

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