Chile: Trial date set for Carla and Ivan – June 3rd

from refractario, transl waronsociety:

The date of the Oral Trial against  compañera Carla Verdugo and compañero Ivan Silva was finally fixed for June 3, 2013.

Remember that both of them, who are on nightly house arrest, are charged under the anti-terrorist law for attempted placement of a terrorist device.

The southern prosecution is asking for a sentence of 5 years against Ivan and 5 years and a day against Carla. This difference is fundamental because it seeks to impede Carla from applying for early release, trying to criminalize the romantic relation she has with the compañero Juan Aliste, arrested in the Security Case.

We make an appeal that compañeros in solidarity, like in other trials (CCF, Revolutionary Struggle, Bombs Case, the trial against the compañero Luciano), can send to different counter-information sites the summary of the trial sessions in order to not have to depend on the bourgeois press when informing ourselves on the progress and the compañeros‘ situation.

Solidarity with the accused compañeros!

End to the anti-terrorist law!

Ivan and Carla in the street!

More information on the trial against Carla and Ivan here.

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