Argentina: Claim for arsons of a police car and other luxury vehicles

Imagen de previsualización de YouTubefrom vivalaanarquia, translated by waronsociety:

“Hanged in Chicago, decapitated in Germany, garotted in Jerez, shot in Barcelona, guillotined in Montbrison and Paris, many of ours have died, but you have not been able to annihilate anarchy. Its roots are too deep. It is born in a putrefied society that is rotting and falling apart. It is a violent reaction against the established order, and it represents the aspirations of equality and freedom with which we come to beat the present authoritarianism to bits. It is indomitable, and in the end it will vanquish and kill you.”
Emile Henry

We go over to the side of those we hate, we relate in order to survive, a false coexistence only for convenience*, comfort and ease. Caught like a fly in a spider’s web, we keep feeding the ego of those who profit off our blood. Expectant before the answers that oppression generates, protagonists in the production of the model of social development, we speak as if the ideas of progress were a new, necessary and sentimentally loved creation.
The change that the world and the beings who inhabit it need to live better doesn’t have anything to do with the ideology of authoritarianism. The injustices and miseries of human life are a product of the forced alienation through so much time of domination and slavery that turned slavery into voluntary servitude at the benefit of those who appropriated the word authority and are labeled authoritarians.

Continuing with the chaotic offensive, attacking everything that oppresses us daily, in the first hour of May 25, 2013 we attacked a patrol car of the Argentine Federal Police 25th Precinct with an incendiary device on Raul Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue in Palermo.

Other targets of our action were luxury cars in the embassy district in Palermo and Belgrano. As well as a government truck in Villa Urquiza.

We will keep trying to burn the cars of the police and any servant of the State.

We are going to return to them a bit of the terror that they give us day and night.

Long live the riots in Switzerland!
Fire to all police!

In memory of compañero Mauricio Morales.

Friends of the Earth / Informal Anarchist Federation

Translator’s Note:
* There is a play on words in the original between coexistence (convivencia) and convenience (conveniencia).


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