Chile: Action in memory of four years since the death of compañero Maurico Morales Duarte

08from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

“Because when freedom, love and anarchy accompany the beating in your heart, anarchy does not die in the mouth, it prevails in active hands.” – Mauricio Morales Duarte.

As we have expressed before already, “actions do not speak for themselves alone and should be carried out with a clear conviction full of love for the compañerxs and full of hate for those who sustain power”– under this perspective we consider the claiming of the action that we carried out on Thursday May 22 of this year consistent with our principles and indispensable in our actions in order to give a clear sense to our positioning in struggle.

Although it may appear to many in the subversive sphere a repetitive and reiterative exercise to block a street, the barricade also brings with it a declaration of war, it is an opposition to the established order, it is what does not allow the gears of capital to go on normally. It represents itself as a factual deed within the latent social conflict and it is the visualization of this conflict before whatever spectator, before the citizen complicit in the forgetfulness that power supplies.

This time our action was not framed within a particular situation, instead it brought with it the weapon of memory, loaded with our indomitable hearts, a few liters of benzine and combustible material to put in the road, along with leaflets and a banner to make the action’s reason known.

We assume the responsibility of not leaving compañero Mauricio Morales Duarte (El Punky Mauri) to oblivion, nor much less do we leave the discourse to be distorted by the bourgeois press; instead we are the ones who remember him, those who are united with the compañero’s ideas and thoughts, who commemorate him in the street, in practice, going on the offensive once again.

We have never intended to idealize, martyrize or redeem our compañero’s figure as a hero, instead we retrieve our brother who, with his missteps and good steps, strove to be consistent with his revolutionary theory and practice. We make our own the words that Gabriel Pombo Da Silva once wrote (in Diary and Ideary of a Criminal)–“People with principles and values are pleasing to me, and the idealists of the heart; more pleasing still for their heroic “gestures,” their human gestures, for their radical humanism, for their commitments up to the final consequences… Let’s not stay on the soapbox making pretty speeches, we like to be in the arena; let’s get our hands dirty, be implicated, risk our necks!”–this is how we remember Punky Mauri.

Four years after his unexpected death we consider it consistent to block the capital’s primary artery, Alameda street, at the top oc Maturana street, in order to remember the living fire of compañero Mauricio Morales Duarte. The place checked in advance and our action prepared for its creation, we walked with steady steps toward the accorded place, we looked at the clock, at 8:00 PM exactly, not a minute before, not a minute after, we attacked, careful under the complicit watch of our compañerxs who participated in the action.

Sheltered by the night’s darkness, we hid our faces covered in desires of freedom, avoiding any sign that could identify us, we shook off the fears the immobilize many, and with the calm of one who sets a trap at her pace, we went in search of our target. Awaiting the opportune moment to make the blockade, we heard the fearful murmuring of those who saw their daily life shattered.

We went into the street spreading the combustible material and sawdust on top of this for the barricade’s greater effectiveness; we doused the whole block north of Alameda with over 7 liters of benzine, while other compañerxs unfurled a banner in memory of Punky Mauri. There were slogans alluding to the compañero, leaflets and a couple firecrackers to annoy the authorities.

We believe that the compañero’s death shouldn’t remain under this society’s cloak of oblivion, nor much less should we forget the compañerxs who remain kidnapped by the authorities today. Under this perspective we see the necessity to spread insurrectionary action, spreading revolt in all spheres of life, we already said it before: “we believe that the forms of confrontation are dissimilar and heterogeneous, none of greater importance than another, from expropriation to written propaganda; we understand that each subject, based on their personal relation in the struggle and their possibilities, decides the most fitting way of acting.”

We consider this act as another experience in the actions/tactics in the social war which allow us to create changes and overcome substantive obstacles qualitatively and quantitatively, not for ourselves in particular but for all those who position themselves in the social war.

It is worth mentioning that this action is framed in memory of Mauri, but we do not forget all the imprisoned compañerxs, Marcelo, Freddy, Juan, Henry (on house arrest), Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Nicola Gai, Alfredo Cospito, Braulio, Marco Camenisch, Hans Niemeyer, Sergio María Stefani, Jose Miguel Sánchez, the compañerxs of the CCF and many others who remain unmentioned, finally we greet Diego Ríos who still keeps mocking authority–this also goes out to you.



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