Mexico: Letter for Mauri by Braulio from prison

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

Words for compañero Maury,
wherever you are, from Braulio Durán.

Due to the circumstances I now find myself in, I haven’t had an opportunity to formulate a letter or text, but in this moment this comes to me into my head and I only wish and desire that the compañero is well and that your “spirit,” if it exists, continues to be as indomitable as it always was.

Really I don’t know if you hear me or if you can feel. But in my heart I desire that it is so.

I still remember when I received the news and it really marked me, since I consider that a free and wild individual shouldn’t ever die, but unfortunately these things aren’t in our hands, because everything is relative and we cannot change a cycle, but despite this I want you to know that I remember you as something beautiful, and everything you once lived and/or felt I live, because unfortunately in this moment I don’t do the things that I would like to do.

I know that we don’t know each other and surely you never knew about me, but well that isn’t important since the only thing that unites us is the desire to see our environment free and indomitable.

I don’t know if you know it, but I want to tell you that the compas all over the world respect you and remember you and that your absence surely wounds them in their hearts, and even if the idea never struck you that you’d be remembered as strong, because of course you did it simply because of your individualism and not for the fame, but well in life there are things that we didn’t want to happen.

Take good care of yourself and chase your desires, as you always did, and remember that even though we don’t know each other, we carry on, firmly and with heads held high (and bottles burning in our hands).

Never forget that we will always be anonymous and among the shadows, and we hide on the rooftops waiting for the precise moment to attack. I send you strong kisses and indomitable hugs hoping that you can receive them.


Braulio Duran
Straight Edge anarchist prisoner
For the destruction of the prison system

P.S. Greetings to the compas who remain on their feet in the face of everything that happens. I send you a strong embrace and I hope that in the (non-) future we can see each others’ faces and laugh. And for the moment I will remain firm and resisting and demonstrating my solidarity with those who are in prison there in the south.


And long live anarchy!!!

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