France: Attacks on a bank and political headquarters

from indymedia, translated by waronsociety:

Neither Justice Nor Peace

A week after the murder of a comrade in Paris by fascists,* a week after the ever-so-democratic police raid in Barbès…**

… a bank ATM burned in Montreuil (93), the window of the Pré St-Gervais (93) Socialist Party section shattered by blows, the headquarters of the Left Front (Front de gauche) located at Lilac (93) completely covered with tags. On both spaces and the nearby walls, one could read: “Scavengers”, “Neither the 6th Republic*** nor fascism — Revolution!”

(to be continued …)

Neither democracy nor fascism!
Down with the State and capital!

Translator’s Notes:
* The evening of Thursday, June 6, Clément Méric, a militant syndicalist and anti-fascist, was beaten to death by two neo-nazis in Paris. More info here.
** The afternoon of Thursday, June 6, there was a massive police raid in the Barbès area of Paris against undocumented people. More info here in French.
*** A socialist political group in France that militates for a new Republic.

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