Chile: Trial begins against Hans Niemeyer

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

At 9 am today, the trial against the compa Nans Niemeyer began, with almost 40 witnesses, 34 experts, and more than 80 pieces of material evidence, which to incriminate the compañero, commencing this spectacle of $hilean state repression.

The state servant Raúl Guzmán is accusing Hans, almost without concrete evidence, for four explosions that happened in Santiago. We hope that this case ends as it has to end, with the compañero in the street. The trial will last about 2 weeks. We hope that the compañero can count on support from the fighters for freedom during this time and avoid what happened with Carla and Ivan, who were practically forgotten during all of their days of trial.

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