Buenos Aires, Argentina: Claim for the torching of a federal police car

from vivalaanarquia translated by waronsociety:

This rotten world has everything, the defenders of law and order are abundant, as well as those with authoritarian values who remind us of the police who control the streets we run down.

Continuing the insurrectionary path accompanied by the anarchists of praxis of the Black International, we struck a new blow to the security forces who stay awake to maintain the peace in this hypocritical society that guarantees the Argentine State.

We newly attacked those who day by day watch us, incarcerate and kill, as we did the past 30th of December when we detonated a bomb at the Servivio Federal Penitentiary of Argentina and every time we have destroyed the vehicles used by the police, this time setting alight a car used by the Federal Police of Argentina (PFA) of the 21 Palermo Station on Saturday June 29th at 4am.

To the prisoners of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire                                                         Health for Panagiotis Argirou and strength for Gerasimos Tsakalos                                To the prisoners in Italy as a result of repressive operations against anarchists by the State                                                                                                                                           To Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito                                                                                  Solidarity with the anarchist Kostas Sakkas on hunger strike since June 4th                A complicit greeting to the Anti-Civilization Faction of the Earth Liberation Front with affinity with the Informal Anarchist Federation

Friends of the Earth / Informal Anarchist Federation

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