Brazil: No to the eviction of Pantano Revida!

from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

Second Communique

To the compas,

Pantano Revida is commemorating 4 years of resistance, holding the days of July 8 to 14 as the “active week” not only as a festive moment, but as a moment of struggle for the practice of our ideas.

The businesses Electron e Seitec, Edificar Construtora, AVS Araújo, Estel, Andritz, Imetame, Tecvix, Associação Movimento Empresarial de Aracruz e Região (AMEAR), Conselho Interativo de Segurança da Orla (CISLA) are financing the destruction of this environment in which we live and share with other living beings. We do not want to lose a space full of life for something dead that causes death like a military training base.

A good part of the community demonstrated against it, another part is fooled with promises of security and work. Before all this we do not intend to ever stop, we are going to fight to the end.

Today, June 27, we woke up to the always disagreeable visit of the city’s dogs (no offense to dogs), carrying a preliminary notification that we have a 5 day period to leave the space; we are not going to let spiderwebs gather, the best response is to keep organizing activities like always.

Against Speculation! No to the Eviction!


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