Chile: Communique from Adrián Díaz on solidarity and against the rumors

from refractario, transl waronsociety:

After being arrested on June 28, 2012, accused of attacking a prison guards’ truck with incendiary bombs, compañero Adrián took responsibility in an abbreviated trial; the lawyer for the prison guards managed to have the trial annuled, and presently Adrián is in the street awaiting a new trial.

Sisters, Brothers, Compañerxs and Afines,

Unfortunately I find it necessary to make a statement before serious accusations that have been made against me. I clearly think from the deepest of my convictions that no person who declares him or herself an anarchist or anti-authoritarian can be irresponsibly making statements in the name of prisoners and about what they think about the anti-prison solidarians, who have been supporting me in my case.

The statements which at this time I see myself forced to show as lies are my indifference and critique of the compañerxs who have supported me and who continue to do so today, because my case is still in process and I am awaiting the closure of the investigative file, so it is not understandable what would motivate starting these commentaries, which I consider very serious.

The situation of compañerxs who are imprisoned–whether by a frame-up or who one questions whether they are guilty or innocent–is not a topic  of discussion for some kind of solidarity action to generate, because legal terms are not useful in daily situations and much less when a sister or brother is kidnapped in the dungeons. And starting irresponsible gossip about really serious topis only sows distrust and immobility with the imprisoned compañerxs or with any kind of pending legal situation; it is clear that this is not at all beneficial for the compañerxs kidnapped in the social war.

Sisters, brothers, I make a call to not give space to creating instances of spreading such irresponsible and dangerous things, because in my case I understand the importance of the support of each gesture of solidarity made for compañerxs when one is in prison and even more so when it is for the anti-authoritarian idea, because no one is safe from being able to fall into the sewers of the prison system. Therefore, I cannot consider these people who started the rumors my friends, compañerxs, afines, nor much less my afines, but only my enemies, who cowardly started these rumors anonymously and who keep up this sad game.

Without another word or phrase to say, I fraternally bid farewell to all the anti-prison solidarians who have been in the streets and in spaces supporting all the sisters and brothers who find ourselves being persecuted by this prison system and the compañerxs who are fugitives in the Chilean region and the world.

Adrian Díaz.

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