Uruguay: Twelve comrades arrested moments before the march on the Filtro

1from materialanarquista, transl waronsociety:

On Saturday August 24, at about 5 pm, the time the march on the Filtro had been set for, twelve comrades were arrested in the vicinity of La Solidaria in four different points through four big simultaneous operations carried out by the intelligence police, the DOE (Department of Special Operations) and Interpol.

The twelve compas were taken toward the headquarters where they were photographed, interrogated about their participation in the August 14th march, asked about their membership to certain groups, and asked questions of an ideological nature; all of this of course between insults, humiliations, beatings and rape threats.

Apparently the arrests were meant for identification purposes; the compas didn’t go before a judge and at around 9:30 pm were already outside without any kind of charges.

It is clear for us that the Intelligence police and the DOE have for some time now been investigating the compas who participate in any kind of mobilization, taking photos as well as introducing tiras (plainclothes police) into the demonstrations to recognize them and also follow them (as happened with the compas arrested on August 14th).

We do not doubt that the latest arrests are a clear attack on all the individuals, collectives and organizations that are fighting against this world of exploitation, against those who reject the inevitable destruction of the Earth that any project of capital carries with it, against those who participate in projects like autonomous and self-managed spaces, against all those who with their mobilizations are pointing out the ones actually and beforehand responsible for the repression.

With their attacks they are trying to create fear and instability, they are trying to shut us up, but their attacks make us stronger. We make a call for solidarity in whatever part of the world.

Against repression, solidarity and action!

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