A few accounts of solidarity with the strike carried out by Hans

from publicacionrefractario, transl. by waronsociety:

In Argentina on August 19th, there was a manifestation in solidarity outside the Chilean embassy.

In Chile, on August 20th in the afternoon a group of around 50 compañer@s in solidarity met up at Arturo Prat and Alameda where with pamphlets, chants, slogans, spray paint, and carvings they expressed their combative solidarity as they marched through the central streets of the city.

In México on August 20th a manifestation outside the chilean embassy was carried out, as it ended 4 anarchist compañeros were arrested who after posting bail were released from jail.

August 21. After going through a few identification checkpoints, compañeros gathered outside the High Security Prison (CAS) to bring water and solidarity to compañero Hans.

A solidarity poster for Hans’ hunger strike was released.

Outisde of USACH, on August 22nd, solidarity with the hunger strike was expressed through barricades, fire, and confrontations with the police.

In Argentina, “Requiem for the Passing Moon” was re-released.

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