Chile: Claim of responsibility for the clashes at the USACH on August 14 (photos)

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

On August 14, we decided to go out to take the street and confront the military police of the Chilean State in the area of the Zoletti estate. Armed with incendiary bombs, we made some ambushes of the carabinerxs in which the bastards were almost set on fire (there were signs that some of the cops suffered burns but we weren’t ever able to know for sure), we also attacked a mobile squadron about four times (we attach a video with images of the “outing”).

Three years after Operation Salamandra we maintain our unshakeable posture! In the early hours of August 14th [2010], the police, following orders from the Ministry of the Interior and the former prosecutor Alejandro Peña, orchestrated Operation Salamandra, in which squats, autonomous social centers and comrades’ houses were brutally raided. The play was quick and after that morning our comrades were attacked, imprisoned, and one compañera went into difficult clandestinity.


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