Chile: Propaganda 22 years after a bloody January and in greeting to the dear compañera Sol F. Vergara

from contrainfo, transl wos:

On January 22, 1992, after a bank expropriation, two revolutionaries, Alexis Muñoz and Fabian Lopez, were killed. REMEMBER and FIGHT Alexis Muñoz and Fabian Lopez live in the revolt against the order of the rich
Defending expropriation as a form of attack on powerComrade Sol Farias Veragara to the street!
Action and SolidarityThe social war does not stop…
Sol F. Vergara to the street!
Proud and on the path of war
Sol Vergara to the street
Rebellious dignity cannot be confined
Sol F. Vergara to the street
Past of Struggle
Present of Revolt
Future of Insurrection
Comrade Sol Farias Vergara to the streetWith dignity intact
Sol F. Vergara to the street

Action and Solidarity // Love and Rage
Sol F. Vergara to the street!!

“We are not going to give in.
Our decision is not of this moment, but of long ago…

we are going to play this out all the way…”
– Alexis and Fabián, in shelter,
in telephone contact with the police
and the press.

Exactly 22 years ago, the democracy’s bullets put an end to the life of two revolutionaries. Alexis Muñoz Hoffman and Fabián López Lunque, members of the FPMR urban guerrilla who expropriated an armored truck on January 22, 1992 on the East campus of the Catholic University, managing to escape and open a path with their bullets.

After leaving the area, they were approached by the police in a house in the Ñuñoa neighborhood, where they decided to take refuge. The cameras and uniforms of the democracy, having recently debuted, began to unload their weapons and after long hours of televised pursuit and negotiation, they were massacred live and direct.

We fight amnesia and oblivion with propaganda, framing it as another contribution within anarchic and multiform praxis.

As a minimal and immediate gesture of response before the dignified and beautifully rebellious action of the compañera Sol Farias Vergara, we decided to spread propaganda with the compañera, taking the opportunity to remind about her situation on the walls of various Banco Estado branches. We salute the compañera in prison and the permanently combative position of her family.

¡Memory and Combat for the compañer@s fallen in combat
and the prisoners of the Social War!

Stgo. 22 January 2014

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