Puerto Montt, Chile: Solidarity from southern Chile

angryfrom contrainfo, transl wos:

Freedom for Tamara Sol, a compañera from these parts, we send you a fraternal greeting of strength, encouragement and energy to bear the prison, you were a shout that came crossing forests and borders to remain until you are free.

Compañero “Angry,” you were and are present in revolt forever, with your actions you fill us with more courage to remain standing against the dominant society.

Because the vindication of a fallen compañerx doesn’t turn into idolatry nor anything that they themselves never wanted to be, to raise their ideas. To continue spreading their actions and strengthening the bonds that motivate us to make war on society.

Death to Power in all its forms and expressions!!
and Long Live Anarchy!!

They took our freedom
and locked it up in their bank vaults…
Tamara Sol to the street
Angry, your words remain in conflict!!

angryTamara Sol Farías Vergara, we salute your rebel bravery and courage!!
Solidarity and action for the compañerxs imprisoned for fighting!!!
Compañero Angry Presente Always!!!


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