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Santiago, Chile: Confrontations, street blockades, and incendiary attacks in memory of compañero Sebastian Oversluij, Angry PHOTOS

from contrainformate, transl. waronsociety: During December 2014, several expressions of confrontation were found again in the street seeking to keep the insurrectionary memory of anarchist compañero Sebastian Oversluij slain during a bank appropriation the past December 13th alive. Already since … Continue reading

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Chile: Incendiary actions in Santiago and Viña del Mar

From contrainfo, transl. waronsociety: Organized beforehand and with clear minds; in the early hours of July 23, 2014, we attacked, splattered with accelerant, and lit 5 automobiles. In Ñuñoa at Los Jardines st, at approximately 12:45, a luxurious Volkswagen truck, … Continue reading

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Chile: Book launch of “Fuego de Vida: Memorias del Compañero Sebastián Oversluij Seguel”

from instintosalvaje: It will happen on Saturday, April 12, at 6pm during the 3rd Santiago Anarchist Book and Propaganda Fair, located at 330 El Lingue, near Aeropuerto and 5 de Abril in Estación Central. This book is a living memory … Continue reading

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Chile: Updates on the case against Alfonso and Hermes

WOS note: Alfonso and Hermes are charged with the bank robbery in which Sebestian Oversluij was killed by a security guard on December 11, 2013. There is more background here and by following the tags. from Instinto Salvaje: On March … Continue reading

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Chile: Action in front of the 26th Precinct of Pudahuel, Santiago

from contrainfo, transl wos: Friday, February 7, 2014 It makes us very sad/angry that when the university classes end the action in the street ends with them; it is sad/enraging that action takes vacations, and this goes for any kind … Continue reading

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Puerto Montt, Chile: Solidarity from southern Chile

from contrainfo, transl wos: Freedom for Tamara Sol, a compañera from these parts, we send you a fraternal greeting of strength, encouragement and energy to bear the prison, you were a shout that came crossing forests and borders to remain … Continue reading

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Chile: Compañera Sol F. Vergara charged with aggravated robbery and held in preventive prison

from refractario, transl waronsociety: “Strength, Sol, we love you. We are proud of you.” – Luisa Toledo, grandmother of compañera Sol, on entering the courtroom. Our dear compañera Sol was pointed out by power and accused of the attack on … Continue reading

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Chile: Comrade Tamara Sol arrested, accused of firing at a BancoEstado security guard

from vozcomoarma, transl wos: According to an email sent by compas from the anarchist anti-prison publication Refractario to this blog, a compañera has been arrested, accusing of opening fire against a security guard from a BancoEstado branch on January 21st. … Continue reading

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Chile: Attempted bombing of West Santiago Precinct and the 18th Ñuñoa Precinct

from vla, transl wos: When a comrade falls we cannot remain disconnected, blind ourselves and keep reading forever so we can give pretty speeches in talks and debates. Our tears for our compañerxs who fall in war turn into lava … Continue reading

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Chile: Comrade imprisoned for attempted murder of a police officer

from contrainfo, transl wos: At 11:40 pm on December 20, a group of about 20 encapuchadxs carried out a road blockade from the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH), specifically in the exit from Matucana and Romero streets. Once the … Continue reading

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With Tears in Our Eyes, With Closed Fists

from contrainfo, transl wos:

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Mexico: Phoenix Project. Unique Act (#9)

from contrainfo, transl wos: From individual initiative, without bases of support or complex revolutionary rhetoric/theories, without complex destructive devices WE ATTACK! A Unique and Annihilating Attack, Belonging to itself and without any moral, ideological or material condition.

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$hile: Banco Estado expropriation ends with a comrade killed, two comrades arrested and one fugitive

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety: Urgent: Painful news from the Chilean region to the uncontrollable anarchist/anti-authoritarian world… Yesterday at about 9:30 am, compañero Sebastián Oversluij Seguel (26 years old) was shot down while he was preparing, along with other compañeros, to … Continue reading

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