Chile: Action in front of the 26th Precinct of Pudahuel, Santiago

from contrainfo, transl wos:

Friday, February 7, 2014

It makes us very sad/angry that when the university classes end the action in the street ends with them; it is sad/enraging that action takes vacations, and this goes for any kind of agitation (not only incendiary). This absolutely lowers the intensity of the anarchist praxis. This is why we make a call to our anarchist compañerxs to abandon immobilism, we make a call to coordination between individuals in affinity to carry out actions of all kinds, to put aside that spontaneity that leaves much to be desired.

This is why, armed with tires, four butane gas canisters, fire, and pamphlets, we decided to cut off Teniente Cruz street in front of the 26th Precinct of Pudahuel, in order to make clear to the bastards that we are close by and that coordinated action is the key to success.

After the fire spread, we quickly escaped to our place of safety, leaving the bastards with their asses in their hands when they saw a barricade right in front of them. The canisters did their job, which put them on alert and they decided to go after us like crazy people with the sound of their filthy sirens through the neighborhood, without success.

This small gesture is dedicated with much affection to José Miguel Sánchez. We deeply hope for your return to the street soon!! So that you can join us in this struggle against power and the State/Capital.

We also affectionately greet Hans Niemeyer, a brother who we do not forget; we hope that this gesture breaks the isolation of the filthy prison, we send you Endurance!! even though we know that you have it in abundance, dear compa.

We also remember that in this police station they brought our compañeros Hermes Gonzáles and Alfonso Alvial after they were imprisoned for the expropriation of the Banco Estado in which our brother Sebastián Oversluij was murdered, a strong embrace and a complicit greeting to them for their bravery in action, and to Sebastián our love and respect for his life dedicated to the anarchist struggle.

Note: A greeting to the bastard police who safeguarded from his booth the “security” of the precinct and the area; we pleasantly hope the dogs who have you under their orders have you duly compensated for your “effective work” of alerting them of the fire they had under their noses, you Idiot!!

Sebastián Oversluij Presente!!

Freedom to the prisoners of the Social War!!

Capitalism does not rest, and neither do we!!

Let the attacks against the State/Capital multiply!!

Sebastián Oversluij Incendiary Cell

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