Brazil: Porto nada Alegre: 10 police vehicles burned inside the Military Police barracks by anonymous individuals

from vla, translated waronsociety:

The night of Monday the 24th of February, 10 new Frontier/Nissan 4×4 police trucks were burned inside the military police barracks next to the central fortress of Porto Alegre in the Partenon neighborhood. The police maintain a strong presence there with their kennels, Battalion of Special Operations, military residences, Military Academy, amongst others. Of the 10 vehicles burned, 6 were completely destroyed. Raging flames rose out of the intense fire in an attempt to spread to the adjacent parking lot filled with more than 200 new vehicles solemnly awaiting delivery to fulfill their function: to oversee, to humiliate, to assassinate. The financial loss estimated by the alarmed media is around 1 million but the actual losses are really more extensive than financial figures. It shows that they are vulnerable and that with just a little bit of gasoline and audacity we can strike them in the chest. The police, the media, the law abiding citizens, the secretary of security, and the governor poured out their pity. We applaud all the indomitable.

Videos and related news: (its worth being able to see the fire, enjoy yourself)–530c88b00cf252a3c7fd78dc/

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