Mexico: Eighth communique of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

from Dark Nights #40:

After a short period of silence due to recent events (public and not so public), the terrorist group ITS has something to declare:

“What is needed is not to seek negotiations with the system,
but a life and death struggle against it” (1) – Theodore John Kaczynski

Previous communiques of ITS:
#1 (27 April 2011)
#2 (22 May 2011)
#3 (9 August 2011)
#4 (21 September 2011)
#5 (18 December 2011)
#6 (28 January 2012)
#7 (February 2013)


The popular science journal “Nature” published an article (October 2013) criticizing our third statement (2), which we wrote after bursting the meat of technonerds at Monterrey Tech in August 2011. In this text the “nano-anthropologist” Chris Toumey (University of South Carolina) made a very poor attempt to “break” our primary motivation in which we have to attack.

In the article, Mr. Toumey states that our attacks against nanotechnology are basically founded on the supposition of the Grey Goo scenario (3). Which is a lie.

The Grey Goo is a theory that first began to be popular in scientific environments and then caught the attention of the general public. The Nano-technologist Eric Drexler was the first person to use the term in his book “Engines of Creation” in 1986. In the year 2000, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Bill Joy wrote the famous article “Why the future does not need us”, (which we mentioned in our third communiqué), which set forth an apocalyptic vision of the Gray Goo, an article that caught the attention of some pseudo-critics of civilization, like John Zerzan, etc..

Since 2004 (when nanotechnology was more than a reality) the issue became so outrageous that Drexler publicly stated that the Grey Goo was only an illusory idea, and technological conditions were not suitable (at the time) for a catastrophe, as predicted years ago, to arise.

Given this, ITS want to state the following:

1. The hypothetical threat of Grey Goo has NEVER been our main motivation to begin the attack on nanotechnology in Mexico.

2. Since our third statement was published until now, some ideas of members of ITS have CHANGED (as evidenced from the sixth statement to this), and one of them is all that has to do with the alleged Grey Goo.

3. Now, we consider this theory as a simple catastrophic assumption, from a twisted mind hungry for public attention (Drexler).

With this statement we do not intend, in the least, that technologists give us their academic acceptance by rejecting the Grey Goo scenario (because obviously that will never happen, as they will never accept terrorism against them).

We employed direct attacks to damage both physically and psychologically, NOT ONLY experts in nanotechnology, but also scholars in biotechnology, physics, neuroscience, genetic engineering, communication science, computing, robotics, etc.. because we reject technology and civilization, we reject the reality that they are imposing with ALL their advanced science. We deny a life imposed on us by the system that dictates that we must walk mindlessly, obligatorily obeying orders from large organizations (industrial giants that tell you what to eat, what not to do, to say, to wear, where to go, etc..) and people outside our inner circle. We negate the artificiality and we cling to our past as Warriors of the Earth who cling to our darkest instincts of survival, and although we know we are civilized humans, we are awake and we claim ourselves as fierce individualists in TOTAL WAR against all that threatens our nature and Wild Naturethat is left.

“(…) On the altar of technological development, we are sacrificing all areas of our individual freedom and the possibility of living a life really worth living. Now it’s up to each of us to choose to be obedient subjects, or to try to live, here and now, and reject the existent (…)” (4) – Nicola Gai

– We chose to attack from the outset, because nanotechnology is a science that is having a significant growth in the future and will exponentially advance global economic and power OVER all Wild Nature.

Nanotechnology pushes a hyper-technological process and a hyper-artificiality of imposed reality, which in itself is already too absurd for scientists, so they try to make it more miserable and mechanical.

Already Albert Einstein once said: “All our supposed technological advances are like an axe in the hands of a madman.”

-Toumey in his article in “Nature”, has also said that we know nothing about nanotechnology and that it is absurd to attack, knowing so little. ITS members are not going to discuss with experts the pros and cons of nanotechnology, so if we say that we UNDERSTAND loudly, that science (and other things) are a danger to our individuality, and to the natural environment in which we evolved, there is no need to be a genius or have high academic and labour studies, to shred all this garbage of technological progress.

– Taking issue with the arrogant criticism of Toumey, ITS has realized (as FC realized years ago) (5) that scholars, professors, researchers and academics are not always as smart as they claim to be, because if so, Herrera and Aceves of Monterrey Tech would not have been injured by the explosion of a letterbomb (which you could tell was from the apocryphal leagues), the morning of August 8, 2011; if it was like this, the professor of the Polytechnic University of Pachuca would not have suffered various burns after opening a package that was NOT addressed to him, but a nano-technologist, the afternoon of December 8, 2011; if he was smart, the biotechnologist Méndez Salinas of the Institute of Bio-Technology (IBT) of UNAM would have noticed that someone was watching for him for weeks in his footsteps, and he would not have received that shot that killed him instantly, the night of November 8, 2011 (6).

If all these technonerds had had any brains, they would know in advance that there are people who are bitterly opposed to the way they are domesticated, mutating and ending life and wild environments, and would not have committed so much to their daily routines.

Along with these three real examples, we could list other objectives (such as attacks on Olivera, activist of Greenpeace, and the nanotechnologists Galem Rondero and Sergio A. Águila (7) of the UNAM, in 2011 and 2013) that although not injured, left much to be desired regarding their supposed intelligence, being university professors.

At the same time, view the decision of scholars in state, district and / or national security, criminology, ballistics, law, etc.., Hiding our attacks, is not worthy of smart people with advanced degrees, because these people know very well that hiding them while more and more of our attacks happen will mean that we will claim at the same time a list of acts, (as we have done so far), to create a greater impact, and/or highlight the lies and cover-ups by the authorities, making them look like ridiculous idiots.

Anyway, with this ITS wants to make it clear once again that the flaccid reviews of smart academic experts will not stop us, their darkest fears will come true sooner or later.


As we continue along the same path of artificial growth, the mentality and conduct of the Technoindustrial Society will be gradually manipulated further. There will come a time in which the Leftist masses will miss attacks on technology, civilization and progress, and blindly believe what is killing them slowly now is good, and all those who dare to contradict their values are crazy or dysfunctional. And while this may be applicable, ITS would like to emphasize that although the official (and unofficial) media disqualify and silence our attacks, these are things that do not interest us, to speak ill of ITS or suspiciously hide information indicates that we have become a latent threat (8) (9) (10) and will continue to be (of course), unless the Technoindustrial system collapses (sarcasm), or before we are caught, although the latter option seems to be far from realization.


From the beginning we have claimed our attacks, whether they have worked or not, whether they have come to public light or not, why? Because as individualists we are responsible for our own actions; our packages explode or not; our bullets hit the target or not; this will continue to be included in future adjudications. At this point ITS claim the following acts:

– August 2012: We sent a packet with explosive payload to neurologists of the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City, which no public notice was learned of; how the package was found or deactivated etc.; a typical act when it comes to direct attack to physically injure the wealthy technonerds of such an institute.

– September 2013: Parcel bomb addressed to Alejandra Lagunes Soto, former director of Google Mexico and current head of the National Digital Strategy Coordination of the Presidency of the Republic.

– September 2013: Explosive package to the Director of modernization and administration of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Guillermo Turrent Schnas.

In the latter two cases no public news broke, since then, the DF government was busy enough to contain the demonstrations of teachers and anarchist riots caused by them, leaving aside such acts. The crisis had been made more than obvious, as the authorities had decided to not publish in their media the news of the attacks. However, it is known that these packages are ours.


Finally, as we had already mentioned in past releases, with these attacks we have executed we are not trying to win or lose (because who thinks they will win, since that time, has already lost). Our attacks address the system and that which sustain it, our acts demonstrate that we have NOT submitted, we have NOT accepted their values, we remain human rather than robots, that we have NOT fully domesticated our behaviour, that we are reluctant to join their lies and their negotiations, covenants that we do not want. We do not want something more beneficial or less harmful. We want confrontation, war to the death against this dirty system.


1) Phrase taken from the text “Hit Where It Hurts” (2002)

2) The article is entitled: “Anti-nanotech violence”

3) Grey Goo is a hypothesis of the catastrophic results of nanotechnology: self-replicating nano-robots uncontrollably spreading throughout the world and universe. In our third statement we have written enough about this topic.

4) Quote taken from the public statements (October 2013) of anarchist responsibility from comrades Gai and Cospito, for the attack on Roberto Adinolfi (Ansaldo Nucleare boss) in May 2012, in the city of Genoa, Italy. For this event, we have written something in our seventh release.

Maybe it will call the attention of observers that ITS cite these two anarchists, and we stress that clearly their words and actions coincides with ours even though we don’t entirely agree with all their ideas. We quote them anyway, as we would have done if anarchists Mario Buda, Galliani, Di Giovani, Roscigna, Ravachol, among others, were alive.

5) Freedom Club wrote in a letter to the computer specialist, David Gelernter (who was seriously injured by a parcel bomb in 1993): “People with advanced degrees aren’t as smart as they think they are. If you’d had any brains you would have realized that there are a lot of people out there who resent bitterly the way techno-nerds like you are changing the world and you would not have been dumb enough to open an unexpected package from an unknown source.”

6) On this event, and because of our adjudication, some unbelievers have swallowed the lie that was spread (at the time) by the authorities of the state of Morelos (with use of the official media) that ITS was rumoured not to have caused the death of Mendez, but it was the work of a “gang that steals cars” as the national press repeated. A statement which is absurd at first sight, but of course, a teacher killed during an attempted robbery sounds less worse than the murder of a Biotechnology expert of the UNAM by an extremist group.

Here, we mention that in 2011 the (newly formed) ITS was testing various modus operandi (from known and attempted arson attacks on cars and construction machinery, companies and institutions in Coahuila, Guanajuato, and Veracruz State of Mexico, until we decided to focus on terrorism and not sabotage), some were successful and some not, the most violent cell of ITS in Morelos, being already familiar with the purchase and use of firearms, decided to implement the act by then. It would be the strongest (the murder of Méndez), and in fact was claimed in an indirect and/or symbolic form to achieve on the 8th November, (as an equal to the day of the attack on Monterrey Tech 8th August). We also mentioned this in a letter sent to a pair of physicists from the UNAM (read our sixth communiqué) in November of that year (for this, you can read a little more in an interview for an anarchist project ITS answered in April 2012, but published in late January of this year 2014), the act was not the impact we wanted in that year, because there was no DIRECT logical reasons, so waited until 2013 to reorganize another blow at the same institute [letter bomb to Andres Aguila, researcher of UNAM Institute of Biotechnology].

It was like this the ITS cell in Morelos chose Chilean Nanotechnologist Sergio Andrés Águila. It was directed precisely to a Chilean, because we decided to symbolically thank the blog in Chile Liberación Total for spreading our texts (this we already spoke of in our seventh release). The information (full name, address, and other data) of Mr Águila was sent to ingenious cells of ITS in DF [Mexico City Federal District], they are familiar with the manufacture of homemade explosives, sent package bombs, but by a failure of the electrical mechanism, the device did not explode, but because the package was opened by the same Andrés Águila, at least had not missed it’s target. The researcher would have received the same degree of injuries (if not more) that was sustained by a curious man who opened one of our packages in DF (21 February 2013), a few days after what had happened in Morelos (11 February 2013) [the letterbomb attempt against Aguila]. Although this attack did not reach the expected result, it served to know the TRUTH about removing Mendez by ITS group members.

Curiously, a month after the fact we acted, the main suspect who was in jail accused of the murder of the technologist and other charges was acquitted for lack of evidence

“Acquittal of alleged murderer of UNAM researcher.” Milenio Diario. March 19, 2013.

With this we break the silence, saying that we destroy any questions about our responsibility in the attack; as we said above, as individualists we become responsible for our own actions; and to the authorities and objectives struck, to give them no doubt that our words are NO joke, they are NOT a game, our words are only the consequences of our actions.

7) On this researcher and another curious fact in the news section of the journal “Nature” was published the note: “Letter bomb threat rattles Mexican biotechnology lab” (February 18, 2013), which states that (days after the attack), on the website of the IBT, Mr. Águila had changed his details as “contributor” to “ex-partner” of the institute, what happened we wonder? Will Mr. Águila have been so smart as to resign from his detestable trade? Or only the institution will have changed? Anyway, we will know sooner or later, and as you well know, we will go through your head and that of your colleagues, maybe tomorrow, or in a few months or a few years, but we WILL GO …

8) “Por sobres-bomba y homicidio de académico: Van por ala terrorista de anarquistas” Diario 24 Horas, 26 February 2013

9) “Anarchist attacks in Mexico are numerous, but very few are reported by the media. That was the case of the explosive package placed in a mailbox that on last February 21 erupted in the hands of a Postal Service worker who illegally opened it. In a report dated February 22 the attack was the act of an anarchist group claimed Individualists Tending Toward the Wild, one of the most active in Mexico and whose attacks against the “techno-industrial system” aimed at academic and scientific centers such as the UNAM or Tecnológico de Monterrey. This group claimed responsibility for the murder committed in Cuernavaca on November 8, 2011 – Ernesto Méndez Salinas, a biotechnologist at UNAM”

“Alarm in Europe of Mexican anarchists” Process Magazine 1903, April 21, 2013.

10) “Following the riots of October 2, the City Government launched an investigation that has begun to identify the anarchist groups (…)” “(…) An anarchist group on record using explosives, due to attacks against institutions or persons, is Individualities Tending to the Wild (ITS), considered the most dangerous.” ”(…) The strategy is based on sending explosives to researchers and academics, the study found. In February this year, ITS claimed an explosive package in a mailbox in Tlalpan, and in August 2011 a letter bomb was sent to a professor at the State of Mexico Campus Tec, Alejandro Aceves López, who was leading a project to create a humanoid robot (…)”

“Government identifies anarchist groups” Reforma, 11 October 2013.

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