Statement from compañeras Paz and Chrystal, detained on the day of the Combatant Youth in La Victoria

From refractario, transl. wos:

On the night of March, in the setting of the day of the combatant youth four people were detained in la Victoria. The two of us were among them. After our detention we were taken to the n° 51 station of the PAC, and before arriving  3 of us were brutally beaten. This is why we along with Javier were transferred to confirm injuries. Javier had multiple wounds on his head,  Chrystal had wounds on her legs and back, and Paz had a broken nose and teeth. After multiple threats and tortures that we received through the night we were taken to the following day to the san miguel tribunal in which we were officially charged under the anti terrorist law and preventative prison was instituted unjustly for the four of us. After three weeks of imprisonment and after having been separated in the san miguel jail, today with the happiness of being together again in the same wing we succeeded in getting this statement out to express our gratitude, give information about our situation, and deal with what has happened in the last while.

In this difficult and long process we want to express our infinite gratitude for each gesture made to our families and ourselves. All of the solidarity that we have received from all of you has been fundamental in this place, so dark and cold. We know and are conscious of the decision that Miguel has made, we have separated ourselves completely from him and the way in which he has strategically dealt with the situation, as we clearly know that the constant support and active solidarity that we have received will keep us together

We had not imagined the importance camaraderie would signify in these moments because camaraderie and ability are not synonymous with terrorism. We express our complete gratitude for all the acts of love that have been shown to us. We maintain united and with our heads held high awaiting our release in order to return to sharing with all of you.

Paz y Chrystal
Module 5, San Miguel
April 16, 2014

(Image from a street blockade in the Borgoño neighborhood in solidarity with compas detained in la Victoria)

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  1. en la calle says:

    the 2 compitas are back on the street.. under restrictive orders

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