Chile: If we risk our lives, it is because we know this is the only way we can make them our own

From contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

According to the press, ten explosive and incendiary devices were placed during the last two weeks of May.

We write to admit agency for one of these. For security reasons we will not indicate whichone it was, but it seems to us that two months after our unsuccessful action, it is necessary to emphasize that there are several groups with the disposition and commitment to attack.

We believe that if we do not communicate, we lose the opportunity to share ideas and experiences that can be put into tension and in turn be useful to other groups and compañeros.

With that said, we are not positing this as the correct line, rather that it becomes necessary to analyze and encourage feedback that contributes to sharpening our actions.

If it was only a matter of writing to boast of our correctness, we would have silenced other actions that have been unsuccessful; depreciating the bravery and decision of persons disposed to attack.

Our action was no victory, but neither do we feel defeated; it propels us to look for improvement that allow us to achieve our objectives.

By means of this text, we want to contribute to the discussion about the necessity of reaching a balance between the disposition to attack and the effectiveness of our attack–that is, between the materiality of the action and the ideas that sustain it.

The use of weapons and/or violent actions does not posess a political content in itself, it is the ideas sustaining those actions which lend it a political character.

We recognize the importance of vindicating memory and combative solidarity, we unite ourselves with the action of compañero Maurice Morales and with the compañeros of the Security Case and we will always remain undaunted before the sentence that society is imposing on our brothers.

See you soon,
Nikos Romanos Action Group

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