Chile: Urgent information about the health of compa Marcelo Villarroel

from rebelióndelaspalabras, transl wos:

Rebelión note: I received the following communique via email from compas of the Colectivo Anticarcelario Vuelo de Justicia from Chile concering the health and energy of Marcelo Villarroel, after news spread by the bourgeois press in which they reported that the compañero had been affected by serious problems of heart failure and had to be hospitalized, being presently under some conditions that absolutely covered his special needs at this time and that his life was in constant danger.

Solidarity and strength for the compañero!


For at least the past 25 days, compañero Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, confined in the North H wing of the High Security Prison, has suffered a progressive heart failure, which has intensified in the past days and which late afternoon last Sunday brought about a crisis that signified his transfer to the prison hospital located in the Ex-Penitenciaría, where he was then urgently routed to the Ex-Posta Central in the night, under strict security measures and without any information on his situation being released even to his most direct family. Of course, the operation included at least 50 police, including special personnel of the prison guards’ High Risk Transfer (TAR), and personnel from the police’s GOPE, as well as support from the aerial brigade. Paradoxically, it was the helicopters circling the entire immediate area of the prison and the family’s home that allowed his  compañerxs and close family to discern a serious situation.

In the midst of this procedure and after he was put under observation for his delicate state of health, they decided to transfer him to San Borja Arriarrán Hospital in the morning hours for an examination that would allow them to discover the reason for the heart problem and be able to stabilize him. At this time, the only information that existed on the compañero came from the press of Power, the same press that pointed and preyed on the compañeros since they were named as the perfect guilty parties in the so-called Security Case. We reiterate the utter lack of information that the gendarmería personnel made known about such a serious event to those who really should have known, making excuses that they were so afraid of a possible escape from the prison, and in this sense, we make clear that the situation resolved itself favorably for the compañero, since we finally learned through trusted sources where he was and what his real state of health was, as he was able to be accompanied by his family, friends, and others in solidarity and affinity… but the tenor of the situation could have been otherwise.

We make present that without any doubt, despite the integrity shown daily by Marcelo (as well as by Juan, Freddy and Carlos), and despite having resisted during his lifetime of struggle and subversion at least 24 hunger strikes and countless situations and scenarios in which he has been submitted to the torture and control of thugs and guards, it has become impossible for a man of flesh and bone to resist all of this without any consequence to his health: the heart failure that has just happened doubtless has its origin in this. Even so, we remain in the firm conviction that has always motivated his rebellious decisions and actions, lately within prison, and for this reason, in spite of his delicate situation, we do not doubt that he will continue to face the enemy resisting, in the wing of the High Security Prison, the recent sentence imposed for his participation in the two robberies of the Security Case commotion.

We note that in the afternoon the information on the compañero‘s state of health was that he returned to the prison hospital after having been stabilized and spent the night there, in a place where there is indeed a condition of minimal santitation, and where there doubtless aren’t either the technological implements or suitable doctors to face any situation of possible risk, and for this reason, motions have been started to get an appointment with a trusted cardiologist who can enter the prison and examine the compañero, defining the next steps for his quick recovery, since even if one of the examinations done today in the public service didn’t produce negative results, there are now 2 prior electrocardiograms that reflect a clear cardiac problem.

The compa is in good spirits and with the integrity of one who has gone through difficult situations successfully. Our minds and hearts are with him, with his companion, children and family. They know they are not alone, we also believe that on one side of the wall or the other, nothing is forgotten or resolved, everything continues.

We leave a few words Marcelo got out to transmit calm in the face of his situation:

Dear family and compañerxs

A brief note to greet you and tell you that I am well, even though I don’t feel well and perhaps my body would say the contrary…

They want to leave me here until the morning, something I am not interested in… I intend to return today, but, well, tomorrow we’ll see…

Maybe I’m not ready to run the marathon, but my mind tells me that I can and must get through this… They did exams on me in the San Borja Arriarrán (a catheter through my arteries up to my heart and I don’t have anything–NOTHING!!) so it could have been due to stress.

Well, a kiss full of love and affection for all… and everything continues.

I love you a lot, I love you!!

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