Chile: Incendiary actions in Santiago and Viña del Mar

From contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

Organized beforehand and with clear minds; in the early hours of July 23, 2014, we attacked, splattered with accelerant, and lit 5 automobiles. In Ñuñoa at Los Jardines st, at approximately 12:45, a luxurious Volkswagen truck, in San Miguel at Quinta Ave and Eduardo Ruiz Valedor at approximately 12:57, 2 ostentatious trucks and a sports car, and in Viña del Mar at Dos Poniente st around 1:15, another bastardly expensive truck, leaving pamphlets alluding to imprisoned and dead compañerxs at each one.

Honestly we could give a shit about the price range of the burned vehicles, as what we sought in this action was to strike a small blow to the technocratic capitalist society and not only to the weak concept of “rich or middle-class.” Society that with its civilized structure destroys our existence as individuals, negating out capacity to feel, to know, to discover, to love, to oppose that which does not resonate with us, in motorized vehicles we see the domesticating master of this self-perpetuating system amply represented, in the permanent pollution, in the constant degradation of our planet, in the factories of the destructive and exploitative vehicles, whose owners are the great magnates and controllers of this so deranged world, spreading the human-domesticated vision which dictates the individual for them self, you can not survive, creating fictitious realities, which make us think from birth that just by being human we are in the hands of technological devices that are almost part of our body, the aforementioned mutation, that we are superior to other social classes, that we have full right to the rest of the lives of animals and the ecosystem, we see these assessments in the attitude adopted all day by the children in cities with their damn cell phones, with their video game consoles, killing their neurons, annihilating their creativity, their imagination, atrophying their bodies eating junk food, food from the supermarket, packaged food, we see in the machines of the enemy, such as some bastardly police, we see the prevailing society as the zenith of the catastrophic errors of human ineptitude over the centuries, annihilating without seeing hearts nor listening to cries, just like the non human animals around us, enslaving them and using them as if they were inert objects, without feeling, without suffering, without a central nervous system…obviously we are always for the destruction of capitalism, but behind capitalism or perhaps hand in hand we see undeniably society and civilization which have caused so much damage, and if they want to accuse us of being terrorists in the media of power and in the passive civic stratum well they can do it because if taking the reins of our lives and reacting as the animals that we are in a wild manner to that which has destroyed, subdued, and annihilated us is terrorism then we are…if negating legality and civic life sad and predetermined is terrorism then we are…but we know and you know compañerxs that we only desperately seek a world that is not covered by so many atrocities, by so many displays of insensibility, by the desire for power, by the desire to step on others human or not, we know that the convinced and courageous search for a new reality that is not rotten with bad desires, ambitions, and authority like that of the capitalist domesticating cities is valid and a long battle without truce.

Against all authority, against society, against civilization and the machines, international solidarity, down with the borders and every state in the universe. Hans Niemeyer, Ted Kaczynski, Mónica Caballero, Nikos Maziotis, Francisco Solar, Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste, Freddy Fuentevilla free in every wild insurrectionary action. Mauricio Morales, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Sebastián Oversluij everyday with pain, rage, and courage we avenge your brave death in combat.

Vandal swarm of critter children


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  1. 666 says:

    “vichxs” o “bichxs” son bugs o critter, no “parásitos”

    Vandal swarm of critter children

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