Chile, Santiago: Barricades and attacks against the forces of order at Macul cordon

from contrainfo transl. waronsociety:

Against the repressive kidnapping, in defense of our convictions.

On Wednesday August 20th, our anti-authoritarian feelings materialized in a new gathering of anarchist violence, agitation in solidarity, and attack against the repressive forces at Grecia Ave, on the outskirts of the Juan Gómez Milla campus of the University of Chile, in the so-called Macul con Grecia cordon.

Our objective: to spread and defend our anti-authoritarian ideas and practices through anarchic violence in the midst of an intensifying new context of repressive hostage-taking by power.

All of us have seen through the obedient press as they take aim at compañerxs, attempting to set the stage for detentions with the excuse of trying to find those responsible for the attacks that have happened most recently. At the same time, they attempt to plant seeds of fear in every lover of freedom, all of this 4 years after Operation Salamander (aka the Bombs Case) which was taken by the enemy and their prosecutors and police as training for how to conduct future investigations.  We should also learn in order to not make the same mistakes. This is why it is necessary to go out in the street and not sit watching reality as passive spectators of a spectacle of repression. It is necessary to defend and fortify our values and principles in these most difficult moments, as we understand that we are at war when things move forward but especially when there are obstacles, conscious that we put our lives at risk in the permanent combat which is life itself.

In moments when repression intensifies moral tends to waver in some, but it is our values, convictions, and principles that are the sustenance for the anti-authoritarian defense and attack.

The fight against all authority is nurtured by confrontation against every form of power and domination existing in society: the oppression of the State, patriarchy, sexism, speciesism, the ideology of technological progress, obedience, and hierarchies are gears in the machinery of oppression over our lives, over other species, and over the planet. With our fervent desire to free ourselves from these chains, we took action against each one of these expressions of domination which together constitute the authoritarian culture that has existed on Earth for centuries.

This active position implies taking action in the present, appreciating each initiative that propagates anti-authoritarian ideas, but also taking part in the direct attack against the social order represented in its institutions, repressive apparatus, and in those who defend and protect power from the methods of mass communication and from other spaces in society.

The anti-authoritarian struggle aims at the construction of a freedom which merits the destruction of every type of power. This is how we see in informal organization between individuals with affinity an expression of our desire for freedom and an effective method of fighting against the model of authoritarian life and against the organizational proposals which reproduce the roles and hierarchies present in society.

Our call is to propagate agitation in its various forms developing a total destructive criticism of the social order, through values and relationships free of domination and actions against every form of authority. We invite our compañerxs to stay active and careful, but without falling into static positions. The enemy is waiting for us to drop our guard and keep ourselves passive, don’t give them the pleasure.

May autonomous action against power never stop nor forget the compañerxs who can not be with us on the street today. This is why the fires of our barricades and our insurrectional lives greet all those compañerxs imprisoned and persecuted in the social war, such as Diego Rios, the compañerxs imprisoned in the Security Case, Nikos Maziotis, Poula Roupa, and every compañerx inside and out of prison.

May these words reach your ears and break the distance and isolation imposed by repression, on the verge of a new week of solidarity action called for by compañerxs in solidarity in various parts of the world. Before this call, our greeting is transgressive action which continues to expand revolt and insurrection connecting our paths of struggle against every form of authority.


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