Chile: Three comrades arrested for recent explosive attacks (latest updates)

WOS Note: For some background on the Metro bombing, the CCF communique, and analysis of the action please see this post at 325. The texts we translate here deal with the arrests following the Metro attack and two attacks on police stations, which as we all know may have little relation to who placed the device, and in which the State is attempting to lock away three comrades for decades.

from refractario, translated by waronsociety:

3 comrades arrested and accused of the recent explosive attacks

In the early hours of Sepetember 18, 2014, various raids happened in Santiago seeking results in the recent explosive attacks.

Finally, in an extensive operation the police arrested 3 compañerxs.

According to the press and the police, the arrest was supposedly made possible thanks to the expert investigations done on the videos of the attack on the Subcentro on September 8th.

The prosecution and the Ministry of the Interior did not hesitate to apply the Antiterrorist Law against the accused, who were transferred from the 33rd precinct in a extensive repressive display to await going through “Detention Control” or be “Charged” in the Justice Center. All this with the possibility of them remaining confined to the precinct, due to the extensive power the Antiterrorist Law gives them to keep them detained for 10 days before putting them before any court.

The police State is seeking its particular way of celebrating the “national festivals,” which are nothing but its own anniversary, carrying out (anti)terrorist operations and a great mobilization of repressive forces, seeking to keep its false sense of security and control..

Through the press it is being reported that they were tied to some of the recent explosive attacks, in particular with the attacks on August 11th against two police precincts, claimed by C.I.V. (International Conspiracy for Revenge) and the recent claim of the attacks on the Los Dominicios Metro and the Subcentro by the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Chile.”

Despite the differences we have with how that last attack was carried out and its consequences, the target and the damage to civilians. Without even knowing the arrestees or knowing who they are, without even knowing if they take responsibility for or reject the police accusation. We do not unite ourselves to the social choir that seeks to bury in decades of prison whoever it puts on the bench of its democratic inquisition, therefore we call for insurgent solidarity when it is the State with its whole apparatus of the media, legislature and police that is unleashing the hunt.

Solidarity with those who are struck by the Police State!
Down with the Antiterrorist Law, Down with all laws!

Update, 2:30 pm

The press and police decided to “liberate” the names of the arrested compas.

The compas were finally identified as:

  • Natalie Casanova Muñoz (26 years)
  • Juan Flores Riquelme (22 years)
  • Guillermo Durán Méndez (25 years)

The arrestees were transferred from the 33rd precinct to the Justice Center for their arrest control hearing.

On leaving the police station, they all walked with their heads high. Juan shouted in a lively voice, “Down with the Police State!,” while Natalie smiled ironically at the string of stupid questions from the journalists. Finally Guillermo walked quietly, with his head high and when put into the police car made insulting gestures with his hands at the press.

The hearing in the 15th Warranty Court remains set for 4:30 pm, when the arrest will be controlled and it will be seen whether they will be charged or if the terrorist southern prosecution will ask for the extension in the arrest period.

Solidarity before the campaigns of terror by the press, the State and the police!


Final update.

The detention control hearing was finally carried out at about 4:00 pm, with an extensive display of security, the comrades Natalie, Juan and Guillermo were presented before the 15th Court.

The prosecution, seeking to get more time and continue their strategy of terror, decided to ask for the extension of the arrest before even charging them, using the extensions and benefits of the Anti-terrorist Law.

The comrades were defended by official lawyers, and denied participation in the actions. For 5 years, the prosecution will seek to compare DNA tests that were taken from the comrades as well as supposed traces of explosives on their clothing and hands.

The hearing for the pressing of charges against the comrades is set for Tuesday September 23, 2014 at 1 pm in the Justice Center. It is in that stage of the inquisition process when the precedent will be shown, they are specifically accused of some charges (since there is still confusion about what attacks they are accused on and what participation the prosecution attributes to each of them), and also the cautionary measures will be determined (preventive prison, house arrest, etc) and also they will define an investigation period before the trial.

Comrades Juan and Guillermo will be transferred to the Santiago 1 extermination center, in individual isolation cells. While comrade Natalie was taken to the San Miguel extermination center, under the same conditions of isolation.

Before the repressive onslaught, the campaigns by the press and the mouthpieces of the prosecution, our solidarity goes with the arrested and their circles. While they are locked up, in isolation and in the hands of the uniformed wretches. Our solidarity cannot wait or be complacent.

Solidarity and action with Juan, Guillermo and Natalie!

Down with the Police and Prison State!

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