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Chile: Compa Enrique Guzmán leaves prison

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety: At almost two months into the liquid hunger strike of compañerxs Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova, and Guillermo Durán, today [June 5th] one of the most important demands was achieved: compañero Enrique Gúzman was moved from prison … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary solidarity and memorial action outside UACH

reposted from insurrectionnews: “It is time to act in everyday life for the destruction of the prison society and against any social attempt to reform this disgusting system of death. Solidarity should never be an empty slogan, but a daily … Continue reading

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Chile: Claim for the burning of a transantiago bus, in the early hours of April 7th

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:  Because we act in consequence with the contempt we feel towards civilization and all of its machinery. In the early hours of April 7, we activated an incendiary device which resulted in the complete torching of … Continue reading

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Chile: Three comrades arrested for recent explosive attacks (latest updates)

WOS Note: For some background on the Metro bombing, the CCF communique, and analysis of the action please see this post at 325. The texts we translate here deal with the arrests following the Metro attack and two attacks on police … Continue reading

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