Chile: Explosive attack on LABOCAR headquarters in Temuco

from 325, translated waronsociety:

In the early hours of October 29, 2014, anonymous individuals placed an explosive device on the perimeter wall of LAVOCAR (Criminal laboratory of the carabineros) headquarters in the city of Temuco in the south of Chile.

At 4:00 am, the device exploded half way up the wall, at the intersection of Avenida Pedro de Valdivia with San Fernando. The explosive devise was comprised of a fire extinguisher filled with a kilo of powder activated through a clock system.

The strong explosion, created a close to 60cm hole in the precinct, and was a short distance away from a 400 kilo gas tank which it was not able to detonate inside the disgusting police headquarters.

Pamphlets were not found in the area and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. This time the “scientific” police, accustomed to hiding themselves behind the neutrality of “science” and going hunting in wallmapu imprisoning and killing mapuche comuneros, were the target of attack.

The investigation will be carried out by the bastards of the Fiscalia de Alta
Complejidad and both the government and the pursuers decided to invoke the Anti-terrorist law to investigate.

Update: After the detonation of the explosive device the police have raided a house in Temuco and detained a compañero accused of supposedly having materials for the construction of explosive devices. The prosecutor is not accusing him of participating in the LABOCAR attack.

Note: This was a post made by [Noticias de la Guerra Social] not a claim of responsibility.

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  1. attack says:

    the comrade has been released, has had been noticed in “Volver a la tierra” publication

    big war hugs!

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