Argentina: First communique of uncivilized conduct

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

first communique
Primitive instinct: the silence and the scream

November 1, 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Everything has its moment. There are moments to talk and moments to be silent. Moments of calm and moments of action. Patience was and will be the best attribute of the wild ones. Now is the time to talk and that is why we have something to say.


Technology is death. This is how day by day, for thousands of years, technological advances continue mutating, exterminating, transforming Wild Nature, making of this world a place each time less inhabitable, artificializing every space of our lives.

It is clear that technology is not a mystic entity that comes down from the sky and devours everything in its path, it is men and women who make this decision. Specific institutions exist in which they are taught, and hence they learn, how to destroy the Wild, always artificializing it more. Of course these men and women present their magnificent work with other words, and pretend to be the saviors of the earth and humanity.


If at some time, technological and scientific knowledge were in reach of only a privileged few, today anyone can access scientific/technological knowledge, by enrolling in a university, be it public or private, and can rest assured that they are the road of Civilization.

There are ever more countries, with their Universities, who join in the research of technology on the nano-scale, for example, by incorporating degrees in Biotechnology, Robotic Engineering, creating specific institutions for Nanotechnology.

Nano-scale technology also melds with degrees such as Industrial Engineering, Urbanism, Biology, and other such shit.


To end, we take responsibility for a few actions against Civilization carried out in 2013-2014, which we have kept quiet about until now. The bomb threat to the LAN offices, bomb threat to the Engineering Faculty, threat to Aníbal Cofone, secretary of Science and Technology at the University of Buenos Aires, bomb threat at the National University of Technology (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional), bomb threat to the Ezeiza airport, specifically to one LAN flight to Santiago, Chile (1). Also, on this occasion, we claim the attempted attack with an incendiary device against an electric Substation on May 22, 2013 (2).

Some of the aforementioned actions had a certain notoriety in the media and others did not. Within these last few, without a doubt, are some that we know reached their objective (3). But the notable part of this is that in many cases even while knowing of the possibility of an explosive device, the authorities at the threatened institutions ignored it, showing how little human lives mean to them (4).


We are a group that has had different individual processes. Some of us have acted under other names and acronyms made claims for dead and imprisoned anarchists and those of similar tendencies, but this has changed.

We are an anti-technology group that proposes to destabilize, through diverse methods, the normal functioning of the Technoindustrial System.

In our communiques there will not be author’s citations, what we have to say will be said in our own words (5).

We will not claim communiques for prisoners or the dead.

We are not anarchists, nor primitivists, nor unabomberists.

We will not join in supposedly important campaigns and dates (6).

That is all for the moment, we return to silence.

Uncivilized conduct


1. To be clear the fact that the flight destination was Santiago, Chile was only a question of strategy, it had nothing to do with an act of solidarity with groups of action or prisoners of that region.

2. At the time, this action was not claimed due to the simple fact that it did not reach its objective. Today we think differently: every action will be claimed, whether or not they reached their aim, as we are responsible for our acts without regard to the consequences.

3. An example of this is the bomb threat to the LAN flight, which although not covered publicly, we know that the flight was delayed by over three hours.

4. The “Rain of Arrows Faction” arrived at a similar conclusion after the bomb threat to the ninth National Nanotechnology Conference.

5. We do not deny the influence of people in our thought but we do not want our words said by others who do not represent us, we alone represent ourselves. We can have a certain closeness with their words and actions but this alone, nothing more.

6. We should recognize that the attempted action against the Electric Substation was, at the time, to remember the anarchist Mauricio Morales. While we are in accordance with some of Morales’ words, they are not enough to act in solidarity with someone, even if this person is dead. We know that some shifting leftists will become indignant with our words. The reality is that we do not want to fall into the miserableness reflected by many who use the name someone dead to feed their own acts and obtain prestige or a certain position in the “social war”.

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