Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against PDI precinct (corrected)

from contrainfo:

Incendiary Attack Against PDI Precinct in Solidarity with the Prisoners of Mexico, Greece, and the Whole World

In order to act in solidarity with the prisoners, on October 29 of this year we departed from the Academic University of Christian Humanism at 3:00 pm with the simple aim of attacking some of the fucking institutions that safeguard the interests of the bourgeoisie, capital and the state, tossing them various incendiary gifts (molotov cocktails), reaching the inside of the precinct with several and burning several of these same bastards’ cars, being repelled by their weapons. With this action we want to express solidarity with the imprisoned brothers and sisters in Mexico, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany, $hile and the whole world.

We act in solidarity with Mario Gonzáles García, Carlos López Marin (chivo), Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés, anarchist prisoners in Mexico who were on hunger strike from October 1st to the 17th, in an act of constant rebellion from the dungeons of power and solidarity between prisoners of the anarchist struggle. We also act in solidarity with the anarchist prisoner in Greece, Antonis Stamboulos, who was also on hunger strike from October 6th to 11th, as a form of protest against his transfer to a prison outside of Athens where he was isolated from his family. The Greek police arrested the compa on October 1st in the Vyronas neighborhood of Athens. They took him to an interrogation room of the antiterrorist unit, where they forcibly took his fingerprints and DNA samples and tried to photograph him, all among beatings and threats, while the compa was handcuffed behind his back. Hours later he was informed that he was accused of terrorism.

We also act in solidarity with Juan, who is being constantly threatened by some prisoners as much as by the guards themselves, and also the other little sister and brother Nataly and Guillermo; we also remember Mónica and Francisco, locked up in the Spanish dungeons, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Andreas Tsavdaridis and Spiros Mandylas, Gianluca Iacovacci and Adriano Antonacci, Nikos Maziotis, Nikos Romanos, Yannis Naxakis, Thomas Meyer-Falk, Ted Kaczynski. Also the brothers and sisters imprisoned for defending others’ freedom, such as Eric McDavid and Marius Mason, ecoanarchist prisoners with long sentences, Walter Bond; Sol Farias, Freddy, Marcelo, Juan and Carlos, Hans Niemeyer and not to forget every rebellious being who has fallen for the destruction of this and any society: Punky Maury, Jonny Cariqueo, Claudia Lopez, Angry, Alexandros Grigoropoulos and many more.

Fire and vengeance against the jailers
International solidarity with the prisoners
of Mexico, Greece and the whole world.

May the attack be constant against Power and Capital
For the destruction of all of Capital’s dungeons
Total Liberation!!!

Heriberto Salazar anarchist clash pack
(Manada de choque anárquica Heriberto Salazar)

Note: Heriberto Salazar sends you his greetings from hell, asshole bastards.

Note: There aren’t photographic records, much less videos–we have decided to be more secure in these matters, taking the weight of the actions and not handing more material to DIPOLCAR or OS9. We believe it is necessary to start to be secure and thus to take more care with each action and to be careful. It is in the interest of the state to keep us in the fucking dungeons, so every be secure, because in truth we are more useful outside than inside. We won’t keep filling the prisons with ourselves; let each group or individual who is acting constantly hopefully reflect: photos and videos serve the state, the prosecutors, to lock up each rebel who rises up; more discretion and weigh each action–it is not a game.

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