Chile: Incendiary attack on Navy telecommunications subcenter in Valparaiso

from rebelliondelaspalabras, transl. waronsociety:

Around 4 A.M. on November 5, 2014 a group of anonymous encapuchadxs arrived at Colorado Hill in Valparaiso, and attacked the Army Telecommunications Subcenter.

The encapuchadxs threw molotov cocktails and rocks at the military installation. The attack damaged the installation breaking some windows which proceeded to injury a marine functionary who was taken to the Naval Hospital. Following the attack, a Naval Guard opened fire on the encapuchadxs who escaped from the area, and as of now there has been no reports of anyone being wounded.

The Navy Telecommunications subcenter supplies meteorological information and serves as a repeater for naval communication. Personnel from the forensic lab (LABOCAR) arrived at the area to investigate what had happened while top officials in the government babbled condemnations of the attack.

As of now, no group has claimed the attack and pamphlets were not found.


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