Chile: First words from wild/terrorist behaviors

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“Flux is constant, encouraging wild behaviors.”

Even though we didn’t know exactly if we would come to write these words, and even more, to risk ourselves in spreading them through the Internet so they could reach the eyes of those who visit these spaces, we decided that it was necessary to explain our existence, and not so much our actions, with the appropriate aim of being able to expound ourselves as we want. But we know that they will know to criticize us and this is the point: critique should exist, in order to advance, in order to transcend.

Although we do not intend to put out a “communique” for each action that we might someday do, because we believe in this as a method of strategy, that is, to not “report” each blow we make, leaving SOME actions in anonymity, with the aim of not providing SO much for the intelligence aparatus. But if we would like in the future to publish some reflections we’d like them to find their place within the passing of time, also there are many topics that we do not cover which if we consider it important we will mention later on.

For us, spreading this though the internet is a contradiction, but we understand that it is the only means at our dispoal to be able to spread it in a generalized way, even so, it is a contradiction that we assume, given the circumstances. But we will use this “tool” when we believe it opportune and according to our perceptions and ideas.

And here we go…

A) Our position is clear: we are against the techno-industrial system, its civilized life and its values, features and concepts. We believe in a wild live, in which nature in its most primitive state can come first, without the destructive intervention that humanity has thanks to the tools of the techno-industrial system (yes, we believe that primitive humanity caused damage to nature, but not on the scale that humanity does today.) But we believe that this will not happen in the space of a year, generations may have to pass, and some of them die, before humanity and nature in general can arrive at a primitive state, but we aren’t here to speak about the future, but rather about today, about now.

B) And even though we want the destruction of the system, we know that we will not achieve it, but we will contribute in its collapse, this is why we believe in constant and daily attack against the system.

C) As we said, we do not claim to predict the future, much less to control it, instead we prefer to focus on the present perspective and here it is: to attack everything and everyone who represent the techno-industrial system. But in order to attack the system, it is first necessary to study it, understand it, and for effectiveness in its collapse, it is necessary to attack them at their weak points. Kaczynski already said this in the majority of his writings, some of which we agree with. That said, we emphasize that we are not followers of anything or anyone, we exalt our individual position, we deny any concept which we could adhere to.

D) And why technology? Well, we know that times have changed and the system has been becoming more complex over the centuries. At one time it was possible to destabilize society and the system by driving forward causes which, although trivial, were the fervor of the era (mostly movements related to waged work and “rights” for the poor). Although it is only a crude example, the population at certain times has felt identified with causes of “labor” and groups existed that drive such causes forward, achieving effective propaganda and provoking a tension in society and the system itself. Today the system is different, it has complexified toward its own ends. At some time, it was necessary to politically attack the system, since it was not so connected and some parts didn’t dependent so much on others. Today is different, if we have a need, if our objective is to destroy the system, that is, to collapse it, our direct target must be technology, in any of its reprentations.

E) But even though we do not want to fall into the typical communique already read so many times, we want to be clear, the system, the prototypical pro-technology ideologue must be destroyed in theory and in practice, nullifying their structured values, their stereotypical form of life, attacking it daily, annihilating it in every aspect of our lives. With this, we conclude; technology is the basis, the root of this system, therefore, it must be attacked, stabbing it constantly at every one of its weak points where it cannot react and here we are certain, we immerse ourselves in a battle to the death.

“We therefore suggest, in Italy and beyond, to everyone who wants to upset the enemy–to the point of destroying them–[…] small formations which are more difficult to locate and identify […]. We are not saying that everyone must fulfill violent actions; rather, every one should carry out those attacks on the enemy that are possible, given the attitudes, capacity and the means of the members of a particular group composed through affinity and through reciprocal trust. That each group carry out and fulfull its part of action without demanding information about what the other groups do. All directed to the single end. And since the enemy watches, attentive and insidious, that every […] action group knows and controls its own members.”
– Severino di Giovanni

We agree with this, beyond the individual. A paragraph extracted from one of di Giovanni’s writings.

F) We are not for a counter-technological “movement,” but rather for actions that directly attack the techno-industrial system, violent or not, but actions carried out by committed individuals, who are able to reach the final consequences.

We do not believe in, we do not aim for a structured movement, or a unified one, instead we go for actions; any measure that concretely contributes to this war is an accumulated force for an accurate strike at the system. Frontal attack on the system without truce. We critique, but we do not judge. Meanwhile, we focus ourselves on criminal conduct.

“Every generation of rebels [revolutionaries] imitates the one that precedes it”

E) We want to be precise on this point, but in any case we know we will not say anything that has not been said before. Even so, as we said, we omitted several themes of great relevance which we’d like to explain more later. Even though we do not believe in the “specialization” of struggle, with a bit of luck, there will be those who take care of the “peaceful” actions and others who sabotage, what we believe–and emphasize–is that those who decide to carry out actions that are (if we may define them thus) “criminal” or “terrorist,” and employ the fabrication of explosives as a method, it is necessary to dedicate an important time to the study of chemistry, and this is an open call, we believe that the study of this material with the aim of perfecting with every blow is largely a very effective utility.

And here we are, we exist, and we are ready for everything. From Arica to Punta Arenas [two cities in Chile – translator]. We will attack everything that represents the techno-industrial system, from institutions to those who decide to perpetuate and collaborate with the system. We are uncivilized criminals, we are here and we are sufficiently radicalized to not give a step back. We are against the techno-industrial system, not the state, not capitalism, not the “bourgeoisie.” We will consciously attack everything and everyone who seems to us to support the system, without pity. We are not anarchists, or ecologists, we will not sign off with any name, we leave behind all that useless belief of identifying ourselves with some concept, will let our actions speak.

And although we would like to claim some actions, we believe that they haven’t had enough repercussion or damage to bring them to the surface, even so, we have learned from every one that our hands have taken, perfecting every future blow of a different form. And as we said, for strategic reasons we will not report all our actions but we will report some, when we believe it pertitent. That is all for the moment, we return to our caves.

“Blessed you who never know or await anything. Do you find the author now? Never. Though you imprison all the [“]anarchists[“] in the world, he who did it, who is doing it, who will do it, he will be the only ‘hear it well!’, the only one who will not fall into your nets. He will pass among you, with his bomb invisible in his hand, like a dead man with his tongue mute in his mouth. But the dead speak!”

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