Santiago, Chile: Explosive device against women’s prison is moved by a worker

from 325, transl. waronsociety:

At 7:10 AM, a worker found a bag in good condition on the side of the Women’s prison and the metropolitan address of the Gendarmeria and decided to bring it to the construction site where he was going to work.

Once a the work site and after examining the contents of the bag, which consisted of a fire extinguisher with a clock attached, the construction guard warned the worker about the possibility of the device being a bomb, after conversing with the worker -who pretended to be bringing it home and or selling it- decided to return it and alert the Gendarmeria.Once again returned to the entrance of the jail precinct, the Gendarmeria refused to attend to it, indicating to him with the customary arrogant and ignorant tone that he should take the bag and its contents away.

Confused, the worker decided to cross the street and headed for the center strip which divides Vickuña Mackena, avenue, leaving the contents of the bag at the side of a gigantic Metro pillar which connects Line 5 very close to the San Joaquin station.

The following day, November 6, around noon a gardener in the area found the device in the bushes of the strip and returned to alert the gendarmeria, who this time believed the gardener’s version, calling the police who deployed an extensive amount of security to the area.

After cordoning off the area a GOPE (Special Operations) team arrived to the area with special suits, anti-bomb robots, and special vehicles to inspect the device which had not detonated. Finally after many hours the GOPE attempted to carry out a controlled detonation without being able to completely deactivate the device, and it had to be transported in a special vehicle to be detonated at their headquarters. According to accounts in the press, a pamphlet was left in the area that had phrases like “this is not a terrorist action” and “and the only terrorism is that which is exercised by the State” without as of now displaying or diffusing it.

From the feeble minds of the mouth pieces of power and the press came talk of a new anarchist attack against the metro which this time a small charge of black powder was supposedly going to destroy the metro pillar and cause a derailment. The sub-secretary of the sector immediately invoked the anti-terrorist law in order to charge who is responsible.

As time passed it was discovered that anonymous hands had placed the explosive device comprised of a kilo of black powder inside a fire extinguisher activated by an analog timer, during the early hours of November 5 in the immediate perimeter of the Gendarmeria precinct. A malfunction in the electric system impeded the detonation of the bomb.

The southern prosecutor -self proclaimed specialist in cases of terrorism- was confident the case would be solved soon, due to the cameras that count Gendarmeria that would give clarity to the the actions of the supposed authors. A little while after this triumphant declaration, the jailers announced that the camera has not functioned for 6 months and also denied they turned the worker away who had come to them after finding the device, even when various witnesses and neighbors in the area remembered how they did not pay attention to the worker, who later left the device next to the pillar. The press has indicated the device was detonated during its transport, and could be treated as a “second Landskron case”.

The action was claimed a little while later by theSebastián Oversluij Anarchic Band”

They made clear that the intention had always been the gendarmeria and not the metro or the populace. Stating: “The objective was to attack and materially damage the Gendarmeria precinct, along with making the security mechanisms of the prison space vulnerable.”


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