Chile, Santiago: From Chile to Spain Insurrectionary Solidarity

from 325, transl. waronsociety:

A banner is a banner…but it is more than a piece of paper when it is marked with a form of seeing and understanding permanent multiform conflict.

It is a minimal gesture of response, a complicit wink to our compañerxs kidnapped by the Spanish State, our complicity extends farther than any border.The collusion between the Spanish and Chilean state became evident through the public flirtation between their repressive organisms, materializing in several trips and meetings of their authorities in both territories during the last few months.

Operation Pandora is not simply a blind re-issuing of a repressive model, but also includes forward movement, looking at the falsification of reality through labeling the GAC as a cell of direct action (just like here where squats were labeled as fronts of a “terrorist organization”). In addition the repressive leap is based on the fabricated trap of accusing the compañerxs of comprising a “terrorist organization” that has not committed a single known attack. This is Democracy, the absurd that self-affirms in order to perpetuate its own power. As anti-authoritarians we don’t beg for anything, we only declare our contempt.

From different latitudes and and territories we learn about the repressive maneuvers in Spain, understanding that the Social War is lived on a global scale. States share information and strategies. We do not only study, but are part of the same wave against power.

We do not forget our hermanxs Francisco and Mónica, our hearts have been and will be with you.

Solidarity and struggle with the compañerxs kidnapped by Operation Pandora and with our dear friends of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and Christodoulos Xiros recently imprisoned: Once a guerrilla, always a guerrilla!

Some Anarchists
Santiago-Chile. January 2015.

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