Santiago, Chile: Confrontations, street blockades, and incendiary attacks in memory of compañero Sebastian Oversluij, Angry PHOTOS

from contrainformate, transl. waronsociety:

During December 2014, several expressions of confrontation were found again in the street seeking to keep the insurrectionary memory of anarchist compañero Sebastian Oversluij slain during a bank appropriation the past December 13th alive.

Already since November sabotage of the machine of hate has been expressed with fire and combat, such as the incendiary attack against a bus (ES) in the Macul and Grecia sector or the blocking of the railway line (ES) claimed by the “Anarchist Coordinated Group -GAC/ Mauricio Morales Organized Band/ Sebastián Oversluij Incendiary Cell.”

Only to name a few acts, to continue a brief re-cap -always incomplete- of what has occurred as of now:

:::Confrontations at the Ex- Pedagogico and the identification of a police infiltrator:::

On Decmeber 10, 2014, around 13:30, encapuchados carried out confrontations outside of the Ex Pedagógico, erecting barricades and attacking the police with molotovs in memory of the assassination of Angry.

During the confrontation, the students in the area found someone suspicious. After confronting the miserable one, he stammered that he was a University alumni. Incredulous, in light of the incoherent statements, the students began to be recognize his character as that of a police infiltrator, and just at that moment the special forces entered in droves inside the University to rescue their infiltrator, handing out blows to whoever they found in the area.

Hours after the confrontations, the police began to detain students randomly on the outskirts of the University in order to finally accuse them of assaulting the police infiltrator. The cause ended up in judicial charges and the 9 who were arrested in the end are being accused of robbery with violence and mistreatment of a carabinero in service and undercover, and after the arraignment all nine arrested are out on the street.

The police infiltrator after being discovered, has been identified as Leutenant Camilo Ramírez Eyzaguirre, 27 years old. Originally from San Fernando with a current residence in the Provedencia community, in addition to finding information about “special police procedures” on his cell phone, photos were found of a supposed hand crafted bomb inside of a house without it being clear what the purpose nor intention of the police is with this device assembled in their possession.

::::Viña del Mar. Street blockade at UTFSM::::

:::Villa Francia. Incendiary attack on a bus at dawn:::

Past 5:30 AM on December 11, 2014, encapuchados blocked transit with a barricade at 5 de Abril and Yelcho, in order to stop bus 509 which they boarded threatening the driver so that he would get off along with the passengers. Once the bus was empty, it was doused with gasoline and burnt after pamphlets in memory of compañero Sebastian Oversluij were thrown.

Transcription of pamphlets shown by the press:

“Agitate!! They hope we will shut ourselves up, that we will allow everything as it is, as they want to maintain it. But no, stubborn, and excited as a different life, screams chaos” (Angry)

Sebastián Oversuij Seguel (Angry) Present!!

A year after your death in combat, while carrying out a bank expropriation from the thieves at Banco Estado in Pudahuel, where you were slain by the mercenary William Vera.

To those who have died while confronting the enemy, we have not forgotten
Mauricio Morales
Jhonny Cariqueo
Matias Catrileo
Sebastián Oversluij

Sebastian Oversuil Seguel anarchist compañero who fell in combat during an attempted expropriation of a branch of Banco Estado in Pudahuel December 13, 2013.

A year after your death we make your fight ours, not forgetting and making a weapon out of memory against every form of authority.

We also remember all of those who have fallen confronting this world based on the exploitation and destruction of the earth.

We act in solidarity with our compañerxs who are imprisoned sending smoke signals so that you know we are not been worn out.


::Villa Francia. Confrontation with the police and another bus burned::

During the night of December 11, 2014, several encapuchados left Villa Francia, blocking the street with burning barricades, throwing rocks and molotov cocktails, as well as shooting at the police who they found posted to the sector.

Around 21:50 a bus on route I-17 was left trapped by electric wire in the middle of the confrontations on 5 de Abril street and was rapidly emptied and then burned with molotov cocktails.

::::Street Blockade at Manuel Barros Borgoño High School::::

On December 19th compañerxs encapuchados decided to leave Manuel Barros Borgoño High School to block San Diego avenue and confront the police, hanging a banner in memory of Angry

¡Our memory is black, our heart too!
¡Sebastian Oversluij, Claudia Lopez y Mauricio Morales: No one is Forgotten!


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