Mexico: Wild Reaction detonate explosive at Ford dealership

we receive and publish:

“Have you felt the light rain falling on you, which in a moment is transformed into a torrential storm that leaves you completely soaked?”

That’s how we came down, like a torrential storm after the light drizzle.

On the night of April 9, we left an explosive device in a Ford car dealership located at the corner of Sor Juana Avenue and Riva Palacio Street, a few blocks from Tlalnepantla City Hall, State of Mexico. As usual the authorities hid the fact.

In the distance the device detonated, violating the peaceful civilized night and transgressing the monotonous silence of the city. It was then again that we reclaimed ourselves as nocturnal hunters, as individualists who do not accept the life and the conditions imposed on us by the technological system, and act on our own terms and conditions, without mediation, without limitation, without regard to others.

We detonated the explosive at a dealership because we repudiate such harmful, contaminating, and invasive means of transportation as automobiles. Those roaming pieces of metal and plastic deserve to burn or be destroyed like this civilization and system.

Undoubtedly, cars, cell phones, electrical appliances, communication lines, etc., are an inseparable part of techno-industrial progress, progress which reduces and pushes wild nature to artificial extinction, thus our attack.

Explosives will continue detonating…

Regardless of damage or injuries…

Wild Reaction
Night Hunter Group

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