Call for action from the Chilean prisons

Note: The translation below is an excerpt. The full text can be found in English at Act For Freedom.

we receive and publish [Translated by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras]:

Facing  the multiple formats of prison-capital-state’s ideology, opposing the offensive strength of our convictions is to transgress any margin, border or wall in wich they pretend to live on the blind acceptance of their rotten power relationships, their nauseating moral, politics and world view.

The offensive resistance against the current state of things, clearly involves moving from words to action, from a mere slogan to the rebel fighting with existing order, from a simple critical emptied of content to the proliferation of antagonism towards revolt.

(…) Deepening the resulting consistency between theory and practice, has made us pass through the darkest recesses of the prison police-state-capitalist architecture. We have not been the first, nor will we be the last… However, in the present universe of war prisoners, different experiences of resistance to enclosure are expressed since the late 80s in the dementing high and maximum security prisons in Chile, Peru, Brazil and Argentina, between the 90s and the present. With legal-political processes always molded and forged based on counterinsurgency interests … [With] torture and direct repression, criminalization of affections and loves, [and] constant police-journalist defamation (…)

The reality of war prisoners in Chilean prisons can not be faked. (…) In this framework we make an open call to extend all possible efforts to fight against all expressions of the prison society. We call to mobilize the imagination, the will and desire between April 10 and 20.

We salute worthy struggles in Greek prisons, chapters from the near distance accompanied with sincere affection.

(…) We embrace to all  worthy prisoners in all cages around the world,
to fugitives and to our dead ones.
(…) While misery exists,  there will be rebellion


– Tamara Farías Vergara
– Alejandro Astorga Valdés
– Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo
– Juan Aliste Vega
– Freddy Fuentevilla Saa
– Hans Niemeyer Salinas
– Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda
– Alfredo Canales Moreno

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